What to say to theist who asks you "what if God revealed Himself to you?"

Tell him/her that you would have to start killing everyone who violated the Sabbath and all disrespectful children, and if your were a Muslim, every nonbeliever you knew.

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LOL!  I love the irony!

That is only if you would follow the god that revealed itself to you and also what your theist mate should be doing to follow scripture. Ha Ha. 

I'd reply by returning another question: What if science through fMRI analysis proves that god is a figment of human imagination?

I bet theists won't take any notice.

Yet atheist are usually more open to believing in supernatural things if there is evidence for it.

Such as the idiotic apologist William Lane Craig, who admits, no matter how much proof science can muster for the non-existence of god, he will never stop believing, ever.

Proving that his theism is based entirely on wishful thinking and absolute ignorance.

Just as it appears most fundamentalists share his attitude.


Though many apologists share it because if they didn't, they wouldn't have a job.

Most of religion is based on money, not god.

When I listened to Steve Shives dismantle Craig's book, Reasonable Faith, I was struck at one point with just how scared of death WLC came across as being.  Certainly religion has evolved to be a means of extracting money from the marks, but the mechanism for that process is FEAR, which from where I sit is a motivation far more primal.  This just screams to me how much humankind has to GROW UP in order to be able to face reality and deal with it in a mature fashion.  I know I'm something of a quote-nut, but the following needs to be said:

If we’re to grow up as a species, we need to address the systems that infantilize us.
- TheraminTrees

Thanks for the link to Shives' critique of Craig's book.

"Such as the idiotic apologist William Lane Craig, who admits, no matter how much proof science can muster for the non-existence of god, he will never stop believing, ever."

Totally contradicts the title of his book "REASONABLE faith" 

Do you have the page number he states that on?

Here's one take on what to say to theists.

God revealed himself in the Old Testament in various ways and even talked to Adam and Eve, Moses, and others. They actually saw him.

Then in the New Testament the resurrected Jesus was seen by 500 people "most of whom are still with us today." Why did all this happen but yet you tell me I have to have "faith?" These people of the book all had greater favor than me because they were given visions that I will never have. To even come close I have to have "faith."

The idea of the "nail scarred hands" is rediculous but "Doubting Thomas" became a believer when he placed his hands upon the nail scarred hands of Jesus. Did he think that Jesus had a twin brother? Even if the wounds made him a believer, he was part of something that cannot and will not happen for any of us today. Why is this so?

Possibly because it is all make believe. It never happened in the first place and you have to pretend that it did.

"What does...god....need...with a starship?" LOL. I would tell the theist that I would tell "god" that due to my limited intelligence and knowledge, it is impossible for me to know the difference between a supernatural deity and an advanced inter-dimensional extraterrestrial. I'd go on to tell it that therefore, it's nothing but a cosmic bully picking on a less advanced being and that ultimately there was nothing it could do or say to convince me that it is "god". 

I'd say It's a bogus question, because god does not exist.

If something that claimed to be god revealed himself to me, I wouldn't believe it.  My first thought would be that it was an extraterrestrial with advanced technology.

If it started torturing me, I would think, "well, that is one of the attributes of the abrihamic god, but I still think it's just a mean extraterrestrial.

If it gave me a chance to avoid torture forever, by kissing it's ass forever, that would be a no-brainer.  Of course I would kiss it's ass forever.  That would still be hell, but a much preferable hell.

Ryan, Spud, you're right: if I may delve into fantasy, and if any of the variants of the Abrahamic god actually existed and revealed itself, that god would be precisely a cosmic bully, a fact of the universe to be dealt with. (And according to the Bible stories, that bully can occasionally be challenged, called out on the more moral aspects of its own rules, as when Abraham questioned the plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?")

The statement "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?" leads to Socrates' Euthyphro dialogue: "Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious? Or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?".

The words "do right" imply that there is a moral standard to which even Jehovah must adhere.

Interesting. Perhaps asking theists to try to answer this question would be amusing.

Thin quest at best, as it fails to specify which deity.

I would grab my head and scream "Oh fuck!  I've had a stroke and I'm hallucinating.  Call 911.

I'd like to know why a supreme being would need to reveal itself. Where is it supposed to have been hiding?


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