We need to put together a dictionary of phrases that express our meanings without invoking god. My reason for doing this is that i don't want people to think I'm religious, so I don't want to say things like "Thank god!" or "I'll pray for you."

So I have a few, but PLEASE add your own -- maybe we can make a document or page about it. Mine are:

(Of Jewish origin) saying BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (Common Era) instead of BC (before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini = in the year of our Lord -- he ain't MY lord, that's for sure!)

Saying "I'll keep you in my thoughts" instead of "I'll pray for you" because I won't. Even the Quaker "I'll hold you in the light" is better than promising to pray for someone. When I hear that someone is gravely ill, I say "I hope for the best possible outcome" which doesn't specify what that outcome is -- sometimes it's recovery, but sometimes, it's the deliverance of that person from their suffering.

"For goodness' sake!" instead of "For god's sake"

"By all that is in me" instead of "By god!" Because all I have to offer is what is in me and what I have to give.

"I am grateful" rather than "I am blessed" because maybe it's only the uncaring universe that I have to be grateful to, but gratitude is a very human emotion.Even "Thanks to the luck", because luck is a human, but not a deistic concept.

"Gezundheit" (which means "Health!") or just "To your health" instead of "god bless you" when someone sneezes. Or be like the Japanese and say nothing at all -- a sneeze isn't very meaningful in these modern days!

I dunno -- I may think up more, but I'd be VERY interested to see what other people come up with -- I KNOW there are a lot of fertile minds out there! :-)


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I no longer say "Bless you!". I say, "Get better!" when someone sneezes. That's my 2 cents worth.

I try to say thank goodness instead of thank god.  I have not come up with a good substitute for Oh my god yet.  That's kind of a hard one.  When dh gets really mad, he still says Jesus Christ - which I have pointed out to him is stupid. 


The problem with removing Jesus and god from profanity (IMO) is it makes you sound even more pious than the Jesus freaks because you won't invoke god when you get mad. This is exactly what the most religious types do and that  is one of the reasons dh and I have often been mistaken for ministers.  We do try not to invoke god or hell even when angry - which we have not been totally successful at.  


Just think about it, all the good curse words either invoke god or hell (damn, god damn it, etc) or are derogatory towards women.  That just leaves the F bomb and using the f word all the time sounds coarse. 

My daughter (age 14) likes saying "Oh my Zeus!" and "OMZ!" which amuses me.

I am guilty of using god on a fairly regular basis, asking the non existent deity to damn things for me. Though I don't know what good damning inanimate objects does. Habit.

Then there's hell. What the hell is wrong with you? That doesn't even make sense when you think about it. I guess it came from "What in hell", sorta like "What on earth".

It takes a conscious effort to not use these phrases, they are so ingrained.

I use gods ironically.

"Hellfire and Buggery" is a good one.


"By Toutastis's Beard!" is another.

(In another incarnation I was known by my Gaulish Name: Sceptix)


"Oh Other people's gods! (that feels good do that again...etc)

Sneezing gets a germanic "Gesundheit!"

Well, when someone sneezes, I just remain silent.  I have to admit, though, it took me a while to get over the feeling of being rude by not vocally acknowledging a sneeze with a "Bless You" or a "Gesundheit."


I'm already on board with BCE and CE.  Funny thing, when I was growing up we always referred to BC as "before Christ" and AD as "after death."


For exclamations I find humor and satisfaction by turning to some of the old-fashioned forgotten favorites:  "For corn sake," "By cracky," "Gee wilikers," and "Geez 'O Pete."


I have a pretty even-tempered and mild personality but when I get extremely riled up I've been known to slip out my following favorite:  "F*ckin' Sh*t Goddamn Mother F*ck!!"

My mother's "Ye gods and little fishes."
Ah, a LONG-TIME favorite of mine!

Hey! My grandma said that, often. 1908-2000. What a lady.


My kids say 'oh snap' or let a blue streak go when they think they're out of earshot.

From a novel by John Barth:  "By the four balls of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph."
How about: "Good NIGHT, Irene!"  [just who Irene is seems to be an ongoing mystery!]

In response to scientific denialism, how about: Darwin said. I believe it. That settles it.

How about: "Darwin said it.  The scientific evidence supports it, and THAT settles it!"




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