I often ask -- why was I bullied?

I believe it's because I am Introverted, quiet and reserved. Also, I made straight A's and the teachers always liked me.

Here is a good article discussing why people get bullied.

I copied it below


What Type of People Get Bullied?
Oct 25th, 2010 by SaoirseOMara

Some type of people seem to be bullied more often. Which factors increase the risk of being bullied?

Some people are more likely to be bullied than others. What are the factors which increase the risk of becoming a victim, and why?

Being different! Many children are bullied simply because they are different. That may be due to race, religion, sexuality or just because they are smaller or taller than the rest.

Being clever! Yes, you have read correctly. Clever children are often bullied just because they get better grades. Of course, that is just stupid jealousy, but it can hurt the victims so much that they try to hide their cleverness or deliberately make mistakes.

Being slow! That includes having a learning disability. As soon as children seem to be less clever than the rest, they can become a target of bullying. Even if a dyslexic child is the best in math, he can be bullied for his weakness in reading and writing.

Being introverted! Introverts seem to be weak so they become targets of bullies quite often. The louder a person acts, the less likely he is bullied.

Being friendly! Yes, even being openly friendly to others can be a reason for bullies. Children who help their teachers or victims of bullies can fast become a victim themselves.

So what type of people get bullied? Generally speaking, the ones who show any weakness at all. Bullies find a reason when they want to bully someone, no matter how creative they have to be. The best protection against bullying is to appear strong. The stronger you appear, the less interested they are in bullying you. Bullies want a response. They want their victims to cringe whenever they see their bullies. Strong people make bad victims …

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I was ranked in my Ornithology class by the professor (why he chose to rank us I have no idea) I ended up being ranked number one -- anyway the amount of bullying I received after that was phenomenal. I was picked on any chance they got by fellow students. I thought that when I was an adult the bullying would end -- but I was astounded that it just continues.

Even at work I would be employee of the month or something like that -- and I would get picked on again.

And so -- the bullying continues for me.

This is a good question. I always felt like bullies noticed a giant target on me, and I still do sometimes.

I was one of a few class outcasts as a kid. Then a really fat girl was new at school and she had no problem with popularity. There were other times where other people who were different still were not picked on. I think this was where I got the lingering feeling that there is something not-too-specific wrong with me.

Being friendly does result in bullying. Particularly from someone who is friendly in order to avoid conflict. Or from someone friendly who has vulnerabilities.

I was different, I was smart in some situations (like just happening to know really big words) and clumsy or slow in others, I was introverted, I was friendly.

When I read about "selective mutism" I think I used to have it in middle school, as a result of bullying.

It's been life long problem for me. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm also Introverted. I am also quiet and reserved and kind. That mades me a big target. Additionally, I make good grades.

Being introverted! Introverts seem to be weak so they become targets of bullies quite often. The louder a person acts, the less likely he is bullied.




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