what we really have to fear is exaggerated fear itself.

Looking through the prism of the panics at J.F.K., L.A.X., and elsewhere, one might conclude that what we really have to fear is exaggerated fear itself

Remember the comfort we felt when FDR talked to the nation via very squeaky radios of the 1940s. 

Well, this is not the 1940s, our communication gives instantaneous audio and video reports of events around the world and we have no FDR upon whom to put our trust, saying, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". Part of our nation has been whipped into a frenzy with lies, distortions, and just plain deliberate misinformation. Fear becomes the engine that drives unsolved problems, unresolved conflicts, and the feelings of insecurity that are bound to happen. 

Will we survive the challenges confronting us? Will life become intolerable because of factors beyond our control? 

These two realities provide the foundation upon which depression grows: unpredictability and uncontrollability. 

The way I see it, we can become depressed, lay down in bed and pull the covers over our heads, and wait for the worst to become a reality.

Or we can look for things we can do to make whatever happens better than if we did nothing.

Or we can go out and make skapegoats of every thing that doesn't feel, think, and act as we want them to.

Or we can assemble huge armed forces to tackle all the fronts, just as we did in WW II.  

Or we can get on boats and go someplace else that hasn't felt the brunt of all the problems we have. 

Or we can ?????

As for myself, I continue to work in m garden, using all the skills I can master through watching permaculture videos and learning what thrives in my specific area. I can teach others how to do the same for themselves. Developing self-sufficiency is about the only thing I can think of to do. We may be at the end times as so many report. If so, I want to go out with a shout and not a whimper. 

I have been attempting to educate people about the coming economic crash and how to prepare for it. 

Ruth educates us about the reality of changing weather. 

Each of these can make one want to just dissolve. Really? Is that what we want for ourselves? Whether we are hit by a comet that takes out all life, or we slowly drift off into nothing for a prolonged dying, or we have some tough hurdles that can be overcome, I intend to put my efforts into building the best world for myself and others by building coalitions of like-minded people. I want to STOP, BREATHE, THINK, PLAN, ACT, until I can't anymore. 

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