What were the first books you read in favor of skepticism/atheism?

This is a "poll" of sorts, just for my own curiosity. I read many books on my path from believing in the Christian god to atheism, but the two that stand out most in my memory are "Why I am not a Christian" by Bertrand Russell and "Atheism: The Case against God" by George H. Smith. I still enjoy both books (though Smith's blatant libertarianism is annoying) and I'm wondering what other people read as they "saw the light" so to speak.

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I think some of Chapman Cohen's pamphlets were the first blatantly atheistic writings I came across.
Then I found The Bible Handbook by Foote & Ball
I read a lot of science books as a kid. Dinosaurs, astronomy, some chemistry, etc. These taught me that the world can be understood. I don't recall ever actually believing the stuff I saw in Sunday school. I always saw it as similar to Aesop's fables: cute little morality stories that were not literally true. Later on, Bertrand Russell's works were very helpful.
god is not great, nothing (by Nica Lalli), and The God Delusion (which I'm still working on). Also Beam Me Up Jesus: A Heathen's Guide to the Rapture by Jim Gerard. Hilarious and practical. ;)
That last one sounds like a great read :)
Quite hilarious. I also recommend Who Moved My Secret?, also by Jim Gerard. It'll change your life. ;)
God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens and Religion and Science by Bertrand Russel.
I loved science and learned about evolution and genetics early on.
I was alrady an atheist when I read The Selfish Gene,The God Delusion and God Is Not Great.
The first book I read was actually online: "Why Doesn't God Heal Amputees?" Then I went to the library and happened upon The God Delusion. After that, I think my next ones were Russell's "Why I Am Not A Christian" and "Religion and Science", and the anthology called "Atheism: A Reader". Then it was all a blur, because I read EVERYTHING. I think Russell was the first one I bought, though.
The God Delusion. Good ole Richard Dawkins.
"Emergence" by Steven Johnson, and "Descarte's Baby" by Paul Bloom, the first one explains the idea of systems without centralized control, and the second one explains, among other things, why humans think there is a separation between body and soul. I also read some essays by Daniel Dennett, but I cannot recall their title right now.
Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, but I was already and atheist when I read it.
My books include: Why Atheism? and God is Not Great. Interestingly enough I had announced my atheism long before reading either. My real influences to become atheist were education (particularly a combination of ethics and biology), discussion with 'safe' friends and reading apologists/the Bible and the book Religions of the World.




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