What were the first books you read in favor of skepticism/atheism?

This is a "poll" of sorts, just for my own curiosity. I read many books on my path from believing in the Christian god to atheism, but the two that stand out most in my memory are "Why I am not a Christian" by Bertrand Russell and "Atheism: The Case against God" by George H. Smith. I still enjoy both books (though Smith's blatant libertarianism is annoying) and I'm wondering what other people read as they "saw the light" so to speak.

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It was smooth path of litrature in my case
1-Maxium Gorkey's "Mother"
2-Anatoley France's "Panguin Island"
3-Tolestoe's "Ressurection" and short stories like"Tea house of Soorat"
4-A heaven scene from English litrature(in which Gods figures were changing in heavens as their believers concepts were changing on earth)
I just "Googled" Penguin Island and it sounds like a great satire for me.

Thanks for the mention!
"The God Delusion" - Richard Dawkins

I have always been a non-believer this book just reinforced my reasons for being atheist.
Dawkins "The God Delusion" was my first. Then Hitchens' "God is Not Great," and Sam Harris' "Letter to a Christian Nation." I also have several reference books, e.g., "The Quotable Atheist," by Jack Huberman and "Everything You Know About God is Wrong!" by Russ Kick.
Dawkins' book was my first--about 3 years ago I was at the gym listening to it on my iPod when it hit me about 3/4 of the way through: Could I be an atheist? Really? It sure made sense to me as I'd never had any strong religious beliefs. I guess I just thought I believed since so many other people did. But it really had no influence over my life, and when I seriously considered atheism, it just seemed to fit. I've never looked back and never doubted that this is me.
LEt's see, there was a collection of "The wit of Mark Twain" which I read, although like a lot of folks it was really the Bible's own words that damned it.
I read "Losing Faith in Faith," by Dan Barker and my move to atheism followed afterwards. Although it would be fair to say the book was not the single catalyst of my atheistic beliefs; other things factored in as well. I enjoyed reading all the different titles people have offered in their replies. A few I've read, many I have heard of and was able to get some suggestions for more good reading material.
A steady diet of Mark Twain and the bible as a kid, a couple of Ayn Rand and "Fritz" books in high school, "The Satanic Bible" right after.
Im actually in the middle of reading my first. Its called godless by dan barker. Ive read a little bit out of a book called Atheism explained but its to much for me to take in all at once so i read a little from it every so often.

My girlfriend is reading why im not a christian at the moment but when she is done i plan to read that as well.
Hawking's A Brief History of Time. I was about fifteen when my grandfather left it for me along with a few other science and philosophy books.

Though he was a religious Hindu (in an almost Pantheistic way), he was also a pioneering science educator in a region in Sri Lanka where basic electricity was a luxury. He was a bit of a hero to the community and to me so I felt like it was a duty to read through it even though it was hard going at first.

I re-read it in a couple of years after finishing high school physics, when I was trying to decide what to do at Uni and this book just opened up a whole new world to me. I was already an Atheist but Hawking's words made me realise just how much cooler it was to actually be one; to be elevated from superstition and to freely appreciate the beauty of the universe with much greater depth.
Dawkins (The God Delusion)
George Carlin (When will Jesus bring the porkchop) Not exactly an atheism book though the topic does get tossed about. Well worth looking for the audio version.
I read "Infidel" by Ayan Hirsi Ali after 9-11-2001. That book was the begining of my loss of faith. She is now a Hero of mine.
I read none, my source for adopting atheism was the Bible.




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