What will happen if Scotland Succeeds from the UK?

I have been following and have no idea how Scotland's vote will go on Sept 18.  After reading up on the history of uniting Scotland with England, I get the feeling it wasn't entirely involuntary on the part of Scotland, but mostly. The benefit seems to have been mostly England benefits but Scots derive some security and social welfare.  The English gov't seems more conservative, Scotland more liberal.


The polls sound tight enough there is no predicting.


There are always succession movements in the air, most go nowhere.  Czechoslovakia split, South Sudan from Sudan, Eretria from Ethiopia, and with tragedy and extreme violence, Yugoslavia split into Slovakia, Croatia, Boznia-Herzogovina, Kosovo, and Macedonia.  If I got that right.  There has long been rumbling in Spain for a split, and Belgium.  Germany is really a confederation of baronies, but bucked the trend by merging E and W Germany, although that was an imposed split after WWII.


I'm no historian,  Just not a lot of people I know who are interested.  In other words, zero.  The David/Goliath side of me, that sides with Goliath, says I hope Scotland splits from the UK, sends the Nukes southward, keeps their oil while it lasts - not much solar potential, maybe wave or wind - goes their own way with social policy, and England is left with Wales and N. Ireland as it's last remnants of empire.


Just rambling, nothing to do with theism/atheism




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Back in the 70s I was in Scotland and England for a brief while. It seemed that the Englanders looked down their noses at the Scots while the Scots had more of a bemused "Oh, well" attitude toward England. I don't begin to know enough to choose a side. It is going to be very close. This had made me wonder why Ireland didn't try this move long ago. I suppose there's some legal difference I'm not aware of.

You mean "secedes", not "succeeds", and "secession", not "succession"  :)

SB, are you Scottish? 

Depends on where you live, I suppose. Here in the U.S., I doubt much will change for the average Joe, but who knows if some strange unintended crisis happens that affects us too.

I hope Scotland splits from the UK, sends the Nukes southward, keeps their oil while it lasts - not much solar potential, maybe wave or wind

The free ebook Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air discusses in detail what large-scale renewable energy would look like in the UK, and how much renewable energy can be expected to do for the UK.  It is not encouraging.  It's written by a physics professor in the UK, so a lot of the book is oriented around the UK, although he also discusses the situation in the USA, worldwide possibilities like turning the Sahara Desert into a solar farm (as I remember), etc..  This book makes a point of being quantitative about what large-scale renewable energy would look like - VERY important. 

When I was in Scotland for 2 years in the 1960s, trying to convert them to the idiocy of mormonism, quite a few of the people I talked to seemed to still resent England for going war against them twice around the year 1300.

Because of that, and because I enjoyed the Scottish culture and people for the most part, I'm slightly rooting for them to go it on their own.  I don't have strong feelings about the matter, because I don't know for sure whether it would be good or bad for them.  After all, it was 50 years ago when I was there.

One think that is interesting to me, is I don't know much of anything about Scottish culture.  Other than the obvious.  I think I would like wearing a kilt. 


I can't hold a grudge for something that happened in 1300.  It seems almost like most people have been at war against most people between then and now.  But when it's your own backyard, maybe that's different.

I think I would like wearing a kilt also Daniel.  I enjoyed wearing one once when I was in a little play, dancing to Scottish music.

I love bagpipe music, and thought about buying one, but knew myself well enough to know I would never be ambitious enough to learn to play it.  It's tough.

I always wondered why that didn't go through. Seemed like it was close.

I think they realized they couldn't actually go it alone.

Too bad England didn't let Ireland vote on it back in the 1920's. Would have been the same result of separation, except that it would have avoided a hell of a lot of bloodshed. And, Ireland is doing just fine. I suspect if Scotland votes for independence, it too, will do just fine.


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