What would've happened if we used Europa's water to integrate into Mars atmosphere?

Lets assume we as humankind can, not only wormhole the spacecraft, but planets and moons. So, what would've happened to Mars if we pulled icy Europa closer to the sun, we might use our flaming star to melt it down. If we at first, travel it through portal like structures next to Venus. We can heat it up, so it melts faster for calculated time and then send it back towards Mars. There we will pull Europa into orbit around our red brother and gradually siphon off its water onto Mars' surface. What is needed after such task has been done for sufficient amount of oxygen to sustain life? Or before that?

PS: bare in mind, if Europa contains organic life, we might not use it, but Iapetus,Rhea,Enceladus,Tethys and/or Dione.

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What part of "You are in the wrong forum", did you not understand?  What you are doing is science fiction no science.  The name of this forum is "Science", not "Science Fiction".  

ỮŊĐÜムņĮØńệ尺, I'm sorry, but this stuff is not even science fiction. I can't fault your commitment but these posts of yours would be better suited to the comedy forum.

Newton's sake man! Ask your ludicrous questions on this site.


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