This question was asked in another atheist group and elicited creative/funny/touching responses. I was wondering if the wider community here would like to play that thought experiment.


Let's say a surprise, way-bigger-than-dinosaur-killer asteroid is announced and will hit Earth in 24 hours. How would you spend your last day? (Other than convert:-) How would people in general react?


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Let's say it was just announced. I'd stop doing homework, call my family and friends out of state and say the goodbyes. Then I'd get all my friends together to hang out. And just before it's due to hit, get laid. XD I'd much rather die having a good time than counting down seconds.
Not sure I'd be able to muster the stamina necessary to lay anybody.
Not sure either anybody of my friends be available or near enough to spend time with me.
My family is spread all over, I'd have to hope the internet holds till the end.
The world has taken notice!
Oh, I dunno. There seems to be an entire bouquet of Tokyo Roses working at Faux News that the world could spin quite nicely without. Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, et al. Then there's Limbaugh, Coulter, Pat Robertson, a fair number of Republican politicians (let's not forget Dick "The Shootist" Cheney and Sarah "A Moose Bit My Sister Once" Palin), Mel's a pretty long list, really.
If extinction were to occur via THE Zombie Apocalypse, then it would be fun hunting for GB as I am sure he'd have as much fun hunting us down! LOL. :^)

i would say my goodbyes and then lie down to sleep, i would prefer to enter oblivion willingly
I'd take a very long walk in the woods with Kellie, the love of my life, my kids and, or course, Maya, our dog. We would have a great last day.
I think I'd go to Ben & Jerry's and/or Baskin Robbins and try a scoop of every flavor in the place....slowwwwwwwwwly. Maybe go to B&J first...burp...and then go to B&R....
Well, how would I know the announcement was really true? If I was really sure...

I could do some drugs that would have very damaging long term effects, if I knew I'd die before getting the chance to get addicted. And hopefully die while still high...

I could do some sex acts that I like doing without worrying about pregnancy or STDs. As long as I find a willing partner...but the world is coming to an end, probably some other people are thinking the same.
"What would you do if it was the last day of your life?"

Well I'd die, obviously. Wait, is this a trick question?
I'd do the same things, play the same games I always do :\ Maybe I'd turn up the speakers a little louder. Not OUCH loud, but pleasantly noisy.
That's if those kids haven't heard the news before you.




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