This question was asked in another atheist group and elicited creative/funny/touching responses. I was wondering if the wider community here would like to play that thought experiment.


Let's say a surprise, way-bigger-than-dinosaur-killer asteroid is announced and will hit Earth in 24 hours. How would you spend your last day? (Other than convert:-) How would people in general react?


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No use saying goodbyes, we're all on the same trip to oblivion.

So I'd smoke the best pot for this occasion, go into some wild parties and orgies. Hell, I'm going out with my biggest and raunchiest bang!

And being the music lover that I am, a nice and fitting soundtrack for this apocalyptic day. :)

Death Star Anthem by EΓΓ▲Γ CH!7D
Very fitting.
Excellent track BTW.
I'd go with this, maybe:
Let's assume that I would be almost certain it was my last day.

If it had just been announced that an asteroid was coming, I would know I'd have to contend with people running wild outside, so I would barricade myself indoors and try to quietly enjoy myself with what is available in the house.

Otherwise, let's imagine that the doctor had just diagnosed a serious illness, and I knew I only had 24 hours to live... I think I would do the same, without the barricading indoors bit. A day sitting in the park sounds appealing.

But then, the fact is, I am not in the situation where I know I'm going to die today, and I find it extremely difficult to imagine what I would think and feel if I was really in this situation. Would I really act like I said above? I don't know. I think I couldn't help worrying and counting down. It's the way I am. I would probably also be thinking of going about, before I die, experiencing some important things I have never experienced before. Would I try to do anything about this? I don't know.
Sorry John - I want to die happy if I can.
Hahahahaha! Very funny!
This also makes me wonder how Jehovah's Witnesses have behaved when they expected the end of the world. This organisation have predicted the end of the world at set dates about five times.

Otherwise, I'm reminded that some cult members travelled to Jerusalem in the year 2000, expecting to meet Jesus when he came back. I've also heard that, in the year 999, crops weren't planted in some parts of Europe because people expected Jesus to come back. Do people here know if this is true?
I would propose to my lesbian best-friend with whom I share a special love.



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