With christian haunted houses, and Jesusween, maybe it's time for an Atheist Haunted House.


We could scare kids with all sorts of theist behavior -


Burnings at the stake


Child rapes

Suicide bombers

The Inquisition, with torture chambers

The pope


and a special section with Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann.


This has ME scared.  Whooooooooo!


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I would make it just like the House of Torment Haunted House


Eating the brains of little children!

Very scary!

That's pretty funny - communion as part of a house of horrors.  Only maybe use english muffins with strawberry jelly for Jesus flesh, and grape juice with floating tapioca bubbles for his blood.  Then they go to church on sunday and "ooooohhh  gross!!"
...With some genocidal, misogynistic, blood-soaked quotes from the bible thrown in!  Realistically, atheists who did this would be demonized in the media for psychologically abusing kids by exposing them to this level of violence and perversion.  Pointing out that religious indoctrination using the very same bible must also then be considered abuse would cut no ice with these folks.  They have no sense of irony and are comfortable with cognitive dissonance that would make our heads spin.  After all, these are the folks that get upset when their kids see exposed nipples on TV but are just fine with the constant stream of murder and mayhem.  They have no problem with torture and warfare.  It's bread and butter to them.

Honor killings

Mutilation of children's genitals

Public hangings of gays

Stoning of women

Self flagellation as penance


Book burnings

But Perry and Bachmann?! Wow Sentient.  Now, you're even creeping me out!


You gave me an idea.  On you way out of the haunted house, you get a free PB&J snack.  Perry, Bachmann and Jesus.  Guaranteed to numb your brain!
Funny you should mention that.  My wife and I have talked over the past few years that we'd like to have our own version of the 'Hell House' that would show the ways religion has harmed humanity. Those are some of the exhibits we'd have.  Gay bashings, abortion clinic bombings and teens suffering from the lies taught in "abstinence only" sex ed would also be included.
A room of TV evangelists-the PTL club comes to mind
Oh and another thing: Dead Jesus hanging on a cross. That freaked the crap out of me when I attended church as a kid. The thing looked real.
Failing that, just get a white shirt, a tie and go to door to door sharing your love of Joseph Smith. I know it always makes my spine shiver a bit with both fear and contept of human stupidity.

Wouldn't just performing parts of the bible be scary enough.....from Abel killing his bro...plagues...Lot is always good for creepy...Abraham's attempt to kill his son - the kiddies will enjoy that performance...........for fun throw in a few circumcisions & stoning raped virgins.




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