With christian haunted houses, and Jesusween, maybe it's time for an Atheist Haunted House.


We could scare kids with all sorts of theist behavior -


Burnings at the stake


Child rapes

Suicide bombers

The Inquisition, with torture chambers

The pope


and a special section with Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann.


This has ME scared.  Whooooooooo!


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Failing that, just get a white shirt, a tie and go to door to door sharing your love of Joseph Smith. I know it always makes my spine shiver a bit with both fear and contept of human stupidity.

Wouldn't just performing parts of the bible be scary enough.....from Abel killing his bro...plagues...Lot is always good for creepy...Abraham's attempt to kill his son - the kiddies will enjoy that performance...........for fun throw in a few circumcisions & stoning raped virgins.



The most frightening of would be.... Pat Robertson!

He could jump out and scare everybody.

Might be too intense for younger children.

Ooh - we could have him and Jerry Farwell back from the dead, preaching about homosexality causing earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes!

I'd fill it with politicians, lawyers, lobbyists and bankers. ;)

THat's really scary!

The christian male's attitude, that it is ok to harm, hurt, repress, exploit, use, dominate women based upon the belief, that the more the women suffer on earth, the more they will be rewarded and compensated by a god in the afterlife.  

Remember Jim Jones???   I think he was pretty scary.....Like come with me to my colony and enjoy death ....drink some koolaid laced with poison!!!!!

That is a good one.

We'll have to plan on a haunted house next year!  Definitely grape Kool-aid for all!

For sure!!!!!!


I think I would be more inclined to go along a more Hannibal Lector theme, I mean I always enjoyed that scene in the second movie when he has Jodie Foster’s character and the one other FBI agent strapped to the wooden chairs and Hannibal.


Although on second thought, perhaps some sort of mock reenactment of the inside of the Branch Cult Davidian’s Compound in Waco as they’re all under fire from the FBI might be good too. 




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