I'm putting this question out broadly, but mostly in an architectural and programmatic sense.  I'm an architecture student in his last year. This means I'm doing my thesis, a project of my choosing which I work on for a year. I've gotten input from another forum and local friends put the more points of view the better the final product will be. Have no fear in being creative or not. real input from the kinds of people a build must serve has been something missing this past century.Simply, what would you like to see in a building for the godless?

Enclosed is the proposal from the spring.IS%20Proposal.pdf

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I don't like to use the word or idea of church since it brings to mind uncritical, dogmatic thinking. Still, just for fun.


I'd say an astronomy room with a 360 view of the night sky where you can zoom in on any area of the sky to see what we've found there. 


A room where you could trace the evolutionary path of man and other animals.


I room loaded with books on all matter of things. Mostly books written by credited scholars on history, science, and religion. It wouldn't matter whether you could buy or rent the books though that would be preferred. 


The atmosphere would be open windows so as much light could come in as possible.  


A Cafe.


Basically, a combination of the Museum of Natural history, Barnes and Noble bookstore, and a Starbucks.  

I like this idea.

 *  A separate room/area for children and their moms so peeps would not have to listen to the toddlers/babies.

* Activities: Movie night,cards night,board games night, etc.

* Sunday is a pot luck brunch once a month.

* Jam sessions. One night a month,contra dancing.

* Book club,small library..Read and discuss books.

* Front room is a small coffee shop anyone can enjoy.

Don't call it a church,and don't mention religion.

First of all I wouldn't call it a church. I'd call it a center for atheism or something like that.


I'd like to see:

- A Preschool, After Care Program for School Age, Summer Camps and a Playground

- A lecture hall to invite guest speakers or to have members speak on topics they are interested in.

- A stage for performances either by members or to invite guests.

- Several classrooms to hold study groups/reading groups for whatever interests the members.

- A large yard for holding outdoor gatherings/secular weddings with maybe a covered patio. 

- A library

- Of course all the rooms need to be properly equipped with all the technological stuff to make meetings of all sorts go smoothly.

How about making the main area an observatory?  Or maybe you could have a dome that is painted with the map of the night sky?  Anyway, that is my .02.

Don't call it atheist:

Whatever organization will be in the building. If they have any ideology/philosophy beyond

the rejection of a God, they shouldn't call it Atheist. Otherwise, people will hold all atheist

responsible for the view of a few.


Don't call it church (or chuch):

Atheism is not a religion or a single belief. Besides, one doesn't really want to copy the





That's what I think, too.
I don't know if we'd use some edifice or not.  Clearly, the title of church wouldn't work.  I do envy the social gatherings traditional religions have (picnics, etc) I wish there was some of that for Atheists in the Northern Virginia area.  I suggest having a service at a winery on Sunday's.  The superstitious won't be there bothering us, they'll be reciting incantations to their imaginary friends.
It was the Johnathan wax building in Michigan, and I would point out that flw's style is a reaction to industrial architecture like the Crystal Palace, combining them is a bit of a contradiction, but I understand what your getting at.  For exactly what you might be interested in, check out Viollet Le Duc. He's the godfather of modernism. In the reading, you may see the familiar.

Lots of good ideas, and I agree with those who object to calling it a church. The word "church" definitely has Christian connotations, although some Buddhists in the US have taken to calling their buildings churches for lack of a better word. Church also has the connotation of a place for religious services, and that's the LAST thing I would want!

I think it's better to start off with the idea of a Community Center or Meeting House (although that sounds kind of Quaker). What kind of CC, I don't know, but Non-theist, or Humanistic sound sufficiently non-inflammatory that maybe the building wouldn't get torched by loonies.

If I were to design something like that I'd have a warm and inviting lobby with free handouts explaining in the most general way what atheists are about and how we differ from agnostics or deists.  The lobby might also double as a reading room stocked with books and magazines relating to atheism as well as other relevant issues.


Past the lobby I think a decent lecture hall/multi use room would be nice and a separate room loaded with tv's for sunday football.  I think the comfy chair and bartender idea would dovetail nicely here.  Throw in some clean restrooms and a nice, private outdoor area in back with tables, chairs and barbecues and I'd be in hog heaven.

I'd like to see murals relating to science and nature.  In particular, large blow-ups of Hubble Telescope images of galaxies and nebulae, along with images of nature, maybe microscopic phenomena, etc.  


Whirlpool galaxy.




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