I'm putting this question out broadly, but mostly in an architectural and programmatic sense.  I'm an architecture student in his last year. This means I'm doing my thesis, a project of my choosing which I work on for a year. I've gotten input from another forum and local friends put the more points of view the better the final product will be. Have no fear in being creative or not. real input from the kinds of people a build must serve has been something missing this past century.Simply, what would you like to see in a building for the godless?

Enclosed is the proposal from the spring.IS%20Proposal.pdf

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Here's Toronto's Atheist "Church" -


link?, name, maybe? a front doesn't tell me much. thanks


As a concept, as opposed to reality, I would love to see a cathedral of life, a temple of knowledge, starting with your photo showing dinosaur skeletons in a glass-roofed hall.  It would have stone benches with imbedded fossils.  Walking around the hall, there would be stained glass images, beginning with the barren, volcano-studded earth, then images of early life, so that as one walked around the perimeter one would see the start/branch/stop/evolve/develop of evolution's eons of change.  Not with homo-sapiens as a pinnacle, but as an especially successful branch, for the moment.  Not a place with music, but with birdsong.  In alcoves, there would be fountains structured as waterfalls, with moss and ferns growing from the stones.  The cathedral would inspire the kind of awe that theist cathedrals invoke, but awe of the immense stretches of time, and endless diversity that have resulted as life evolve(d)(s) on earth.  It would have the accuracy of museums, but with staging designed to uplift the mind in wonder.



Yes, that's more like it.  I love the birdsong idea....sounds of nature would be appropriate.
The pic you mention was of the oxford natural history museum. Very Victorian
Quite beautiful.  It's filled with light, and at the same time you can see its skeleton.  The presence of the ceiling gives a greater impression of height than a completely open roof would.  It makes the dinosaur skeletons seem even larger.  (Please know I have no idea what Im talking about).

"Simply, what would you like to see in a building for the godless?"
Frankly, i wouldnt want to see any "building for the godless".
I do not know why people want to seperate from churches and organized religion only to do the same stuff the others do. They start to label themselves "atheists" and wonder why theists claim that they "believe in atheism". They want to have "buildings" and wonder why theists claim they "preach in godless churches"...


Now that aside ... nice proposal (the pdf).

I can't reply to everyone but for the same reasons any people of like mind get together. for where I'm coming from, and to everyone else with simaler comments, I refer to Dan Dennett YouTube - ‪Daniel C. Dennett on What Should Replace Religions? 


royce yeah i wouldnt call it a church..a place where you can meet new people and kids can play freely like a good old once a week luch/bbq..but not on sunday as its not a church....listen to anyone who wanted to air their views etc and get comments and good discussion...what would i call an athiest meeting place.......well i think thats hard without making it sound churchy..

Hello Daniel,


I am a fellow Architecture student but I work as an architectural drafts-person right now. Anyway I will give you what I think would be a reasonable take on a "church" of Atheist thought.


A base structure similar to a community centre with the ability to house the office structure required to run an association such as a church (limited full time staff, administration for hall and class room booking.) I would drop the church association, as a church only has religious connotations, rather "Associates of Atheists" or something similar. You want a church without having the church part. 

Large open spaces are the key here, wood treatment(fine carpentry) with an abundance of light. Your entrance will need to be clean but suit an office style atrium with the main hall leading off. This would be beneficial to be directly viewed from the street. (The university near where I live has a similar but smaller lecture hall that is very popular with students because it feels open and dramatic.)

Your class rooms should be boundary facing with the ability to gain as much external light as possible. Regarding the location of this development, I have a feeling that some of these objectives would be veto'd by a design committee trying to get as much out of the site as possible. Effort should be made to have the building set back from the title boundary even with a landscape buffer to provide an ease between the harsh reality of a concrete metropolis and that of a place that will be for learning, freedom of speech and thought. 


Freedom of Thought. 


That is the reality of Atheism. Provide a space that allows one to think freely within the confines of a metropolis. 


(For the specifics within, most of the ideas presented fit the bill.)

I hope that I have been helpful.



You have a school job in this climate, good job.  likly your suggestions  will all come up in design phase, thanks for your take.
A church ?? just go out and enjoy life and let others enjoy theirs.


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