I'm an Aussie so I find this stuff difficult to understand. This is what I found in the section on "Race distribution" here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_atheism


" Overall, U.S. Americans who profess no religion or self-identify as Atheist or Agnostic are more likely to be white non-Hispanic or Asian and less likely to be African American, as compared to the general adult population in U.S."


I can't understand how a race of people who's ancestors are forcibly taken from their native countries, enslaved, beaten and killed adopt their oppressors' religion more fervently than their oppressors! And when some do rebel, they choose a religion which is much, much worse - Islam.


Any African Americans care to explain? Or are there any Americans that would like to explain this phenomenon to a simple Aussie? 


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"almost like stockholm syndrome" - yes, i think that can explain much.


as for Islam, it is a knee-jerk reaction to adopt a different religion and I guess you're right in that it would seem attractive because of its more powerful, even violent approach.

Wrote this article recently on the subject: http://www.atheismresource.com/2011/white-male-face-atheism-change-... Lots of research and analysis. Hope this helps answer your question. If you like it, join our Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/AtheismResource
Thanks for that Adam. That article explains a lot. I think that the solutions are good ones but I think that another way to increase minority groups is with role models. Black/Hispanic/etc scientists and famous people that are atheists need to stand up and publicly announce their position. That way members of those groups will associate with those role models and use them as a reason to start thinking more about their beliefs and justify their coming out as atheists in their circle of friends and family.
Good point. I think Neil DeGrasse Tyson is that role model for young, black kids.
Hey, funk Q, I have to thank you for opening my eyes. I had this discussion with one of my daughters about a year ago. I told her about all the genres that the African Americans developed but I wasn't aware that rock 'n' roll was in this list. I've googled and learnt!
So Carlton, did you find it difficult to firstly escape from religion and secondly tell those around you? What effect did it have on your relationships with family and friends?
It's good to hear that most of your friends treat you well. From most of the coming

Huh. My post seems to have been truncated. Damn!


I think what I was going to say was that most coming out stories I have read on these forums have resulted in friendships ending over this issue. I think it's silly and that religious adherence should not be a factor for selection of friends.


I have close friends that are Hindus, atheists, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim. I base my friendships on the person, not on the religion as true friends should. Sounds like your friends are the same too.

As an African American raised a Christian, I did not know ANYTHING about the history of Christianity, all I knew was what they told you in church, and what all my church loving friends and family taught me.  So that's where I think the problem is....lack of education, as we know is an issue in and of itself when it comes down to the African American community.  Especially when we our always trying to push out things like Evolution in our schools. (A section of science class I was not allowed to sit in on.) 

Now that I think about it, lack of education can be a decisive factor in the number of theistic adherents and as you say, this is a big issue in and of itself amongst African Americans.


I have to add that I find the distortion of science by religious fanatics a very scary scenario as it is reminiscent of Islamic states and the warped teachings that they promote in their countries. They tried to do the same thing here is Australia (or at least teach "Intelligent Design" in science) but thankfully the Prime Minister of the time had the good sense to knock that idea on the head.




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