What's in a name? (If you are atheist BUT your given name has religious meaning)

I am one of those free-thinking individuals christened as "Dominique" -- ah, how godly indeed.

I was baptized and confirmed at the age when I could not protest, hence am stuck with the name (for now).

I wonder if anyone of you share the same experience about having a "religious" name and if so, what do you think about it? Are you considering having it changed?

Come to think of it, there aren't many atheist names apart from the obvious (viz. Darwin)

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My second name's Ismael (Ishmael "God has hearkened"), I hate it and yes, I'm thinking of getting rid of it. I'd like it to be just Eduardo.
"Call me Ishmael" - The most famous opening lines, in one of the most important books in the English language. Moby Dick. Maybe you should try going by it for a while, and see how people react to you! It's a cool sounding name, to me.

I did not used to like my middle name, Edwin. For about, say, 30 years. Now I like it, partly because I have never known someone personally with the name. It's not the same as Eduardo (Edward) but is close. Neither name is Biblical.
A lot of Puerto Rican guys have that name Edwin, I think it might be a popular choice by those in New York City, selected by parents one or two generations removed from the island.
The problem is that I'm pretty sure that neither of my parents has ever read Moby Dick and I believe they chose Ismael because of one character in the bible. If I read Moby Dick I might come to like my name but it I think it would still be considered a biblical name by everyone here in México. In fact, doesn't the ending "el" in some names mean "god"?
I named my dog Jesus. When he died he never came back.
Maybe you just didn't believe hard enough?
I am Claudia.

My name is not mentioned in the Bible but the name of Pilate’s wife was also Claudia.

Three years ago I thought of changing my first name for Sidney but then I read a story about her.
Claudia saw in a dream that the trial of Jesus would be trouble and could lead her husband career to a disgraceful end –as it was. She got premonition and tried to make justice to an innocent man, despite political pressures. So, I decided to keep my name.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. You are hilarious, Alex!
My husband's name means Free God-Lover, or French God Lover. (Francois Theodore). My name means Truth Faith, or Princess Fairy, depending on the country. (Alison Faye). I could be a Disney Doll.

I suppose if you go back far enough, names have something to do with religion anyway.

But we were named for conventional reasons. My Gramma and a friend, his popular name in his province, I guess. I think his Grandpere's name was Theodore. That's how most people do it.

We planned on naming our son, if we had one, Thomas Carl, after Thomas Paine and Carl Sagan (and my dad's family name, Charles). Thomas, as a biblical name, would be okay by us! A girl would be Ann Hypatia. Hypatia for obvious reasons, Ann because I think it's a beautiful english name that sounds good, plus it tickled my husband's former Objectivist self that her name would be Ann Randall. Not that he's a fan of her anymore, but it's still amusing, and kind of musical and kickass. (Yes, we would go by my family name, not his, by his own wishes.) Ann is also the name of Mary's mother, but no big deal to me.

However, since we've both rejected breeding on principle, only our pets would take those names, so it's kind of moot.
Congratulations on your husband's decommissioning as a Randroid.
Evidently Morocco has a list of approved names from which you can name your children. None of the approved names in Morocco are Amazigh. However, the majority of people in Morocco are Amazigh.

Disappearing the Amazigh.

Morocco bans Berber names on birth certificates.
I love names like that. Let's hope they never get a government that insists on an approved list of names.



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