What's in a name? (If you are atheist BUT your given name has religious meaning)

I am one of those free-thinking individuals christened as "Dominique" -- ah, how godly indeed.

I was baptized and confirmed at the age when I could not protest, hence am stuck with the name (for now).

I wonder if anyone of you share the same experience about having a "religious" name and if so, what do you think about it? Are you considering having it changed?

Come to think of it, there aren't many atheist names apart from the obvious (viz. Darwin)

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As I understand it, "Jared" has no meaning, per se, but it's origin is some bronze-age Jews in the desert--I don't really like that. And who knows how many girls have been scared off by my not having a "normal" name?
Jared seems a perfectly fine name to me, just from the sound of it. What's normal where you live?
well my last name is christian, and I'm an atheist. also my family are all agnostics besides me.


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