Look in a phone book.  You'll notice little Xian fish all over the place.  It's their little sign.... "support my business, I am one of you." That is one of the attractions of religion, it is instant networking and more often than not financially beneficial to belong to a church.

So what about we free thinking folks who do not buy the bull?  How do we benefit from knowing each other?  Oh yeah.  I know.  We get to feel better because we know there are people like us out there.

But that isn't working is it?  With almost 10K members we still can't cough up a paltry sum like $5K!!!  WTF.  The freakin holy rollers do that in minutes.

I wrote in my profile that I am desperately seeking machinists, CAD designers and artists for a project.   But I am looking to work with Atheists!!!

We need a networking system at the Nexus so we can do what the world does...  Support each other by engaging in exclusive trade with each other.

So anyway.  If there are any CAD friendly machinists out there with access to CNC mills and skills, let me know.

I'll start the program right here.

P.s.  I just donated 10 bucks to the Nexus.

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This is a great idea. It would be great to have something like this for non-theists. We could all use a little help from each other.
I agree and mentioned this a while back. If you mention your own business anywhere on here right now, it's looked down upon. Yes, we need a directory.

It's looked down upon? Doing business with each other is looked down upon?

We're doomed.

Can someone here can tell me how doing business with each other is anything but GREAT?
I tried to share my links before and from what I recall, I was told that there is already a place for that- on your profile page= so much for networking.

One single page with a link from the main A/N page would be nice, a simple listing with Name of Business, Your name, brief description and external link.
Seems like a reasonable addition. Is there any reason it couldn't be done with the existing infrastructure, say as a new group?
This is a start -


A forum category for this would also be a good idea. A classified ad program for a nominal fee has also been floated regularly.
The problem with those groups is visibility. Choose or create one and it should be visible from the homepage.
I have been working with CAD for over 10 years. Feel free to message me about your project, maybe I can help.
You know that fish thing? Reminds me of the idea that christians hold about the sign of the devil. How no one will be able to operate in society unless they have the mark. I find it ironic that they are using this symbol to identify each other...we do not do that as atheists, so who is the reviled one here?




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