NEW YORK ( -- Seriously, what's gotten into Apple?

For the past decade of Steve Jobs' second go-around as CEO at Apple, the company has secured a strong following of loyal customers by playing the role of the David in a world of tech Goliaths. You can see it in the famous Mac vs. PC ads: Apple is the everyman, and its competitor (Microsoft) is the stuffy, out-of-touch "Man."

But recently, Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) has either lost touch with its customer base or just has a bug lodged up its data port.

In late February, Apple purged 6,000 apps it deemed "too sexy." Late last month, Jobs posted a scathing 1,700-word essay on Apple's Web site about why he hates Adobe Flash.

More recently, the company made Ellen Degeneres apologize on national TV for airing a spoof commercial that suggested the iPhone was difficult to use. And Apple threw an epic hissy fit when a Gizmodo blogger leaked photos of a new iPhone prototype.

The Gizmodo fallout prompted "Daily Show" host and admitted Apple lover Jon Stewart to label the company's execs "Appholes."

"Apple, you were the rebels, man, the underdogs, people believed in you," said Stewart. "But now, are you becoming the Man?

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Personally, I don't have much against Apple, but then, the only product of theirs I use is an iPod.  My daughter uses a Mac laptop (what exact model, I don't know) because their professional video editing app is apparently VERY good and was what she learned on while in college.

Steve Jobs having a mad-on about Adobe may have a justifiable technical basis, but in the news world, it's coming across as more irrational than rational.  There's GOT to be a better way to deal with this!

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In late February, Apple purged 6,000 apps it deemed "too sexy."

Corporate bullshit! Protecting what they believe is their or should be their public image in search of greater revenue. Yeah its heartbreaking but happened a long time ago at Apple. its just been well handled till these latest incidents popped. Apple has been the man for a while...I bet they stated drug testing!!??
Kiss the day goodbye....
Drug testing? Man, next thing you know, they'll insist on TIES in the office!!!
The iPhone isn't even worth the money unless you hack it. Apple is a business and their goal is to profit. All of that "underdog" stuff is secondary, if anything.
I think apple did themselves a great disservice by boycotting flash. I don't have to tell you how important flash is on the net, simply turn it off in your browser settings and try to do your daily browsing.

And what do they expect to replace it with? Quicktime? lol.

If they haven't noticed, they don't hold majority in the world. They don't get to dictate who puts what in what format on the net, the majority does... and even they would find this level of absolutist control to be futile.

I feel it's just a matter of time before someone else with deep pockets funds another alternative. And then once apple notices their profits crashing, they'll do an about face turn and jump back on board the free and open bandwagon.

Until then, we're just going to have to put up with not buying apples stuff.

While the iphone can be fun to muck around with, it got old for me about 5 minutes into it, I've got better things to do with my day than stare at a palm sized screen making funny noises accompanied by colorful background images.

Dare I say, I might actually want to WATCH the news clip, rather than stare at a lego block.

And as for using it as a phone... I prefer 9, 1 and 1 to be three button presses. By the time you've called the cops on an iphone, a determined man could have already killed your family, raped your dog, and finished his second cigarette... if he hasn't already stolen your iphone.
"Raped your dog...?!?" Yer sick, Johnsky ... SICK! [chuckle!]
The irony of all this is Steve is responding as if his little magical product is so inconsequential that "people can put their app on something else", and everyone else is arguing that its so important it needs to be universally accessible. Steve is talking like a small business owner, and everyone else expects a messiah.
I can't believe I found this from The Onion - they posted it in 1999!

The Onion has got to win the award for foretelling the truth through satire years before the rest of us finally catch on.

Having made a significant portion of my living as a Flash animator, I have to tell you that Jobs is a fucking control freak - and the customer loses because of it.

I spent two years developing software for cellphones and Verizon Wireless played a similar card. It cost nearly as much to match the software to VZW's arbitrary standards so that they could control the content and much of the market as it did to design and develop the actual app. Other carriers adopted VZW's protocols just so they could have the apps.
Yup,he sure is...He's worse than Bill gates and his sleazy, bald headed side kick ever dreamed of being.



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