One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Holy mother of all that is wtf...


That woman sounds like you should never, EVER be in a room alone with her. She sounds unstable.

When I was in college one girl out of the blue spotted my peace symbol earring and promptly informed me that it was a broken cross upside down.  

I blinked at her for about 10 seconds before replying "Stupid me!  All this time I thought it was an ancient Greek symbol representing the paths you can take in life.  Who knew?  Thanks for setting me straight!"  And walked off.


*wildly appluads* love it! I was told the same thing in catholic school, that it was a broken cross and therefore blashpemous. Dumb dumb nun....oy

Actually it was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom ( and it's based on the semaphore for N(uclear) D(isarmament). Its meaning got broadened to "Peace" during the Vietnam war.

Actually the peace symbol is actually N.D. (Nuclear Disarmament) in semaphore.

When asked about logic and reasoning--"I have no need to employ logic or reasoning in my life"

When asked if he would stone an adulteress if God told him to do so--"I would stone the woman in question without hesitation if it was God's will"

When confronted with the absurdity of the above statement---"I wish you would just go die"

On teh sickness of her mother---"I prayed that God would let her die."

in the same thread--"If you are suffering a deadly disease, ask God to take you and end the suffering"

"If you were in MY neighborhood, I'd put a bullet in your head"

"I've heard of some Atheists that eat babies" <---no shit...this was said

"I hope Hitchens dies so he can finally find out that what he spoke against is very very real"

I love posting on forum sites that are predominately christian. So much material......
Anything that any if those televangelists said about Haiti or New Orleans or fill in the blank ever said about those places deserving what they/we got.

Tho if I am supposed to restrict this only to things said to me personally, then two items come to mind.

One, a coworkers theists said flat out that, they did not have any problem w lying to anyone as they felt obligated to be honest only w Jesus.

And two, I asked a new earth creationist relative, what possible explanation he could have for all the mountains of evidence, like fossils that are billions of years old, that flat out proved, among other things, that his age of the Earth was off a bit. He responded in all seriousness that the devil most likely put them there. This is not imedietly creepy, but I see this as making it very hard for him to get thru life. For one, it means that any bit of evidence that this guy encounters can be discounted as devil trickery. He may well also be a geo-centrist. Maybe his wife is also a devil creation. Idk. And two, at the very least it means that his god is an absolute pussy, as apparently after creating everything he is then powerless to prevent his advasarry from altering it in any way he pleases in order to screw w gods chosen species. It must be unimaginably sad to worship such a pathetic impotent figure.

There is a very popular evangelist on Christian radio who promotes the notion that the earth only appears to be old because God wanted it like that. He used the example of Jesus turning water (the "new" into wine (aged, or the "old")- i think it has something to do with fooling us non-believers, while the really smart people, like your typical Christian, can see through this deception and thus strengthen their belief.Just like Hitchens used to say, if you believe in the Jesus story, you will believe anything.

"There is a very popular evangelist on Christian radio who promotes the notion that the earth only appears to be old because God wanted it like that."

That line of apologetics has always baffled me. Why would anybody want to believe in a god that they knew was lying to them?

I once (for fun) tried cataloguing the different forms of Creationism. I counted 7.  That was #6 on my list - it has a name Omphalism - named for a book published in 1857, I think (prior to Origin of the Species, note) called "Omphalos" - attempting to reconcile the developing understandign of geological time-scales with the bible.  Omphalos is greek for "navel" - and contains within it the argument proposing for the first time, that Adam the first man had a navel becuase God created him that way, because obviously there was no-one around to clip his umbilical cord, which he never had on account of never gestating as a fetus inside a womb. From this one can then extrapolate: the rings in trees for instance are there not becuase trees are x many seasons old, but simply an aesthetic detail god chose to include, stratified layering, geologic columns and a few unconformities here and there and voila - it's all a cunning facade, is the argument.  By the time you work all the way-up the isochronic radiometric dating and standard candles - the omphalatic creationist will keep right along pace with you.

In fact an omphalatic creationist could be a working, functioning scientist daily taking measurements of the age of the earth using the scientific method properly and finding the results in the upper 4-and a bit billion for the earth and so on - they would be distinguished only in believing that all such findings are, in fact false, and are only what 'god wants them to see'  - but they know the truth as revealed in scripture.

In this they are to be distinguished from the Young Earth Creationist (#7) - which is where the train of rational thinking skips the tracks completely -  they believe that all scientific principles that affirm things counter the bible are wrong axiomatically and, by extension, that all the science supporting these theories is wrong: a bubble of un-reality that eventually expands to include most forms and expressions of physics, chemistry and biology and all disciplines and discoveries therein. In their place the young-earther will switch in alternative, biblically-acceptable and bastardised 'versions' of scientific theories (see Flood Geology and T-Rex's eating coconuts.) 

The Omphalatic Creationist and the Young Earth Creationist - agree on only a single point: that the Earth did not exist 10,000 years ago.


a number of years ago, my husband had been deported to Canada from the US, and I had a relative tell me he was praying for my husband never to be returned to me, because he felt my husband was the one responsible for my turning atheist.  When I heard this, I couldn't breathe for a while.


he has since changed his mind, due to he sees how caring my husband is.  (And that it was my own fault for becoming atheist)

 "God has healed amputees." "God can cure transgenders".

"I have this disease cause it enabled me to better understand my son."




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