One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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After? Your wording implies the breakdown has ended. :P

As to the original topic, I just checked my Youtube messages (I know I've been sent some choice stuff over the past 6 months) but unfortunately it only saves the last hundred messages... but essentially what happened was, with my fancy talk and heathen 'logic', I managed to trap a theist into either denouncing (part of) his faith, or admitting that he approved of torturing babies... and he chose torturing babies.

I've had several claim that even though the bible documents the Yahweh character personally slaughtering thousands, and commanding the massacre of millions - and these numbers of course ignore the Great Flood myth - that he has the "right to do so, because he gave us life and he can take it away, it's a gift and it is his right to kill us if he wants"... But then when I ask them if they think parents have a right to kill their kids, they get all backtracky :P

Another one admitted that his statements supported the idea that if his god demanded that he rape his grandma or a 12-year-old then a) he would have to do it, and b) it would be morally correct.

There's just no shaming some people into sensibility it seems. I guess all you can hope for after an argument like that (you know, the kind of ones where, when they come back with the ridiculous and in some cases reprehensible answer, you're just a bit stunned that they seem genuine about something so batsh1t crazy) is that although they profess certainty in what they're saying/typing, at least a part of them somewhere is saying "wait wait wait... what did I just say? That isn't right... is it?".
Thoughtful comments, Gliktch, amusing yet disturbing examples. Your last para is all I can hope for too. People do get very defensive and say the darndest things, but the truth has a way of getting under their skin after later reflection, so keep on punchin'.
I live in Lake county Illinois. Our county Sheriff announced that he was going to promote religion for the prisoners at the county jail because that would make them better people.
that he has the "right to do so, because he gave us life and he can take it away, it's a gift and it is his right to kill us if he wants"...

Yeah, he also had the option to make us perfect so that he wouldn't have to punish us so brutally whenever we do something he doesn't approve of (it seems he created us only to punish us). When you respond with that they always say, "It's the way he tests our faith." Why the hell would he need to test our faith when he already knows how we're going to respond to the test? It's beyond me how believers don't see this on their own.
I truly think that born agains do suffer a 'brain sprain' of sorts. The same kind as people who see ghosts, aliens etc... Our brains do break down from time to time. I've had a few experiences that I attribute to brain malfunctions that might have toppled a fence sitter into the religious dung field, or woo woo pasture.
I disclosed my atheism to a group of students and one said, "Ok, let me get this straight. You DO believe in God and the Devil though, right?"
Wow, no wonder we're in such deep crap.
Well in the process of breaking up with me my ex told me that i dont have a choice in becoming a christian cause she is going to keep praying for me and that because she is going to keep praying for me i will become a christian whether i like it or not. oh and also that if she ever stops praying for me i would definitetly feel it.
WHEW ... if the eyes aren't brown, they should be ... and the causation is NOT natural!
The other day I was talking to an old friend and she was telling me "you know Diaddy when rapture comes, dont you want your kids to go to heaven?' My son (who is 9) came out of the room and told her "woman dont you know I dont believe in god? dont worry I'll wave to you from here if it happens your weirdo!"
LOL... weird when the 9 year old is the grown up!


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