One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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If I was there,I would have announced the Uncle needed therapy.
Either that or "Uncle needs to get laid"!
I'd say Uncle needs a muzzle.
Or a high-colonic....
Then a high colonic using a sufficient portion of Fleet enema solution. Ever have abdominal cramps? Made worse by having a full descending (and throw in transverse) colon? Gives new meaning to the word, "MISERABLE."
Myself and the brother of a dead friend were lamenting his loss at work when the lead man

announced "Well.that's what happens when you don't follow god's law,he should have been killed

anyway." we asked him if he'd like to go heaven, THAT AFTERNOON!
"Well.that's what happens when you don't follow god's law,he should have been killed

Ahhh, Christian compassion. The best kind.
It's what they did to their kids that creeped me out...
to this day creeps me out.

I noticed the word 'psychosis' down there...
seems trauma to the head causes this at times...
perhaps trauma of other kinds in youth too.
Hence the ease of creating the trauma of adult-themed stories (bible and other books)
then the apparent psychosis; I've seen this or heard it in the questions asked thanks to the influence of the lame old broken record called religion...
and on and on
I lulled, warau.
My cubie neighbor is just a theist creep. He hasn't spoken any religous bullshit to me yet, but everything else out of mouth is bullshit. And he's known for throwing coworkers under the bus which he just apologizes as just putting his foot in his mouth.
But the creepiest thing he said to me was asking too many questions about the parking spot I have been occupying for a couple of months. I have since been parking in different spots everyday and no where near the side of the building I used to park.
Oh, I remembered another one. I was at a home that belongs to a couple who makes meetings for international students (they also evangelize) and one day I heard the wife asking one of the guys what was he studying. He said "biology" and then she said "I hope you are not trying to prove evolution right. I don't think anybody can"

I saw red. That was the last day I was there.



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