One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Well - here's the silliest. He was a campus preacher at ISU in Ames and that's in Iowa.

His name was Jed - I kid you not. And he would get a circle of college kids around him - mostly out of entertainment value between classes - and he would say stuff like this:

DO You-Ah put PizzAHs in your-ah noses?

(crowd - collective shrugging WTF?)

Then Why-AH do you-Ah put Sex-ah organs in your-ah mouth?

(crowd - several audibly) Cause it feels good and no one gets knocked up!
Nice one Howard!

If putting pizza in your nose felt good I'm sure lots of people would do it.
Perhaps he was getting cocaine confused with pizza, I bet that could lead to a strange night out.
Bwaahahahahahaha!!! I think I ruptured something ...
That would be Brother Jed

He used to have a Youtube channel but it's been deactivated.
i lol'd so hard xD
That's really disturbing..Well on the up side,she won't be having kids and infecting them with her religious woo.
Loopy... sounds like there may be some underlying pathology (psychosis or something)
What a huge waste of human body parts.  I'm sure god will be pleased with her rad skills in the sack.  It is sick to think she actually believes all that hooey.
Several years ago, a friend turned up at my house who I hadn't seen for some time. Initially pleased to see him, I got concerned when it turned out he had had a breakdown and had then found god. As in found == full blown fundamentalist, as it's written in the bible, speaking in tongues etc.

It got worse as he spent the evening telling me that, I was still a dear friend of his. However he could see demons standing behind me and it was his duty to save me.

It was a truly horrible and scary evening, having to listen to an old drinking buddy now spouting the craziest nonsense.
Ever notice how so many people find god after a mental breakdown?
My dad found "god" after he almost killed himself drinking and driving. *sigh*


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