One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Ocassionally in debates you get this variations on this canard:

If I didn't believe in god I'd be out whoring and raping committing adultery with boys, girls animals you name it. My belief in god is all that's keeping the wolf from the door!

A favourite response I save for such special moments is:

"I see" (backing away slowly) "and when did you first realise you were a sociopath?" (heading for the exit) "Is this something that has come on suddenly or have you always felt this way? (and flee!!!)
This is Fantastic!
Must use!
Evolution really peed in every religion's pool, didn't it! No wonder they hate science so much.
Every religion that includes a creator is threatened by evolution, but Christianity is especially threatened. I once read an interview with a creationist (he actually ran a creationist museum). He said he can't believe in evolution, because if evolution is true, then Adam and Eve didn't exist as such. If they didn't exist, then they didn't eat the forbidden fruit and get kicked out of the Garden of Eden. If there was no fall from grace, there was no Original Sin. And then Christ's sacrifice is meaningless.

I can't fault the guy's logic. Evolution directly contradicts the central tenet of Christianity. I guess it's just too bad for him that evolution is real.
Amazing ... he can see the dominoes falling ... but he hasn't the guts to realize that the first one has already been pushed!
Evolution really peed in every religion's pool, didn't it!

Marc, you just made my evening!
I know and work with lots of Hindus, and they have no problem with evolution. Neither do animists AFAIK. It's the Abrahamists who got their pool peed in.
Am from India - and evolution is accepted as a matter of fact by most Hindus, it's the Christians and Muslims who have a problem with it.

Then again - considering how "flexible" Hinduism is, it'd be hard to frame a sentence that can contradict it squarely.

There's even a branch of hinduism which advocates atheism!
To me, nothing specific. It's just creepy how many Christians I've met talk about Jesus as their lover (borderline sexual partner).
Hence why someone created a Jesus dildo. I found it on Cracked once. >.X
Hmm, I guess to some the stigmata are rather attractive as, I mean potentially, four new orifices. Sick thought I know, but Christians are sick.
I doubt Mother Angelica would mind too terribly...;)



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