One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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I've had numerous debates with religious folks - Christians, Muslims and Hindus... Some of the most shocking replies/accusations I've heard are:

1) Christian: God kills hundreds of thousands of innocents via natural disasters to maintain balance in this world. You will not appreciate good if you've never seen bad. (After the Haiti Earthquake)

2) Another Christian: Yes, God knew in advance Hitler was gonna kill Millions of Jews, and consequently he'd go to hell, but Hitler made his own decisions! (A 10 year old can spot the contradiction in that statement. Predestination vs. Free will is always a stumbling block for theists)

3) Hindu: Maybe the Jews committed horrible sins in their past lives and hence God destined Hitler to kill them via the holocaust, when they were reborn as Jews. (Yes, young Jewish children too)

4) Muslim: You are either a test sent by God to prove my faith or you're sent by "Shaitan".
Unless God is Alice from the Twilight series. >.X
LMAO!!!! This is hilarious! That woman is crazy! The sad thing is that most staunch Christians are exactly like this, just brings up the questions of the religion and its mental effect on the people that follow it. I'm pretty sure it makes most of them loons.
Her minister (wicth doctor, whatever) must have given some advice about 'how to talk to atheists in terms they will understand' or some such bullshit. Reading a pdf without acrobat... see how non-condescending that sounds?
Put a hand on his shoulder in a clear a level tone say:

"Don't worry Bob. I'll not be alone you'll be coming with me."

Then shifting gears into a pious tone. "For this is but one true God Allah, and his prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon him!"

When he protests, upbraid him for his presumption and remind - shoe now firmly shod on the other foot - how uncomfortable it is to be told you are subject to the infinite torture of someone else's delusions.

Turn. Leave.
No, remember religion is a great source of comfort and provides answers! No matter how the followers tremble in fear and discomfort.
Talia, agree 150%... go back and read my story.

I truly think that the majority of believers (any religion) could benefit from some type of mental assistance. Take Mormons (don't know about other denominations), they offer many types of counseling to their members (marriage, psychological, etc). Is it professional ?? I doubt it, but they offer it! Another form of control.

Mentally, their are 2 basic ways to manage people. You can manage with respect (mutual) or fear. Religion is management by fear, no doubt.
I was told my a coworker (who asked me about my religion at work no less) that Jesus' apostles are still walking the earth and that she and her church have meetings with them once a year. How much money is given to them in "donation" when they strut into town I wonder. I guess using guilt to get people's money with their gods is a respectable job though. People have been doing it for a long time. Just ask the minister in the church up the street as he drives off in his cherry Corvette.
Corvette-The official car of God!
I was at the mall with my friend once while I was wearing my Black Sabbath tee. We were going to be leaving soon when some random guy just stopped me and questioned me about my shirt. Aside from being floored he had no idea who Black Sabbath were (I mean my mom got me into them), my friend and I just nodded as he kept warning us not to go over to the dark side (Obi Wan?) and a bunch of stuff. This guy was seriously creeping us out; neither my friend nor I wanted to bother mentioning our religious views and further his blabber. After a few minutes he finished his spiel and walked away.

He was also pushing a stroller and as he was talking to us he had the stroller on a 45 degree angle.
"It's illegal to name your child 'Jesus'. "

Maybe not creepy per se, but the mentality is scary. As anyone with experience with a South American or Spanish community knows, this statement is nonsense. Though it's pronounced differently (Hay-sus), it is used commonly.
XD I'm tempted to do this to my grandfather now.




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