One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Funny, I too see an invisible dark aura around you. For the low, low price of $200, I'll be happy to turn it into an invisible pink aura. Or an invisible yellow aura. Your choice.

Damn. I am soooo in the wrong line of work!
the time; June, 1964 8:30 AM sunny, dry, warm.

the place; somewhere in the midwest. St. Alexis church front steps

The scene; Fr. John was standing outside the church when I came out for a smoke because it was Friday. I was in 5th grade and made to go to church every weekday.

I saw Fr. John take a pull off a silver flask, cap it and put it in his inside pocket. Fr. John had a rep, he was new at the parish.

I went in for the kill thinking he might be drunk enough to tell the truth. I was right...

"Fr. John?" "Yes my son?"

"I feel like I don't believe in the bible and I think this whole Catholic thing is just a myth. What am I supposed to do about that? What about you?"

"Every one has times they don't believe in god or their faith is challenged, even me, right now."

He said "You should just try to be a good person and obey the commandments anyway. Maybe your faith will come back tomorrow."

"Fr. John, do the nuns have sex at all?"
He smiled and said, "Some do, and some don't."

I knew it all along because one of them hit on me.

ugh. I did 2 more years in that prison. It nearly ruined my sex life. hey! I said nearly! lol
Would love to be around when "The Creator" DOES return to Earth... in a space ship! (Sport model, of course (read John Lazar)) LMAO
I can't remember any of the details, but this one time I got into a 7 hour debate with this fundi about the whole gay marriage thing. He had been saying some rude things to my best friend at the time who was a lesbian and boy that guy pissed me off.
'You were born in sin"
That they will pray for me, thanks but no thanks!
I can't think of one who's actually said it to me, but the ones who think Abraham was doing the right thing by getting ready, willing and able to kill Isaac give me the creeps. If it were true, can you imagine what the whole experience was like for Isaac? And he was expected to trust either his father or YHWH after that?
Hugh, you misspelled Yahweh. That should be YHWTF?
the other day, in the midst of a discussion about god and such, I was asked what it would take for me to believe in god? I responded with some line about maybe having my grandmother come back to life, etc., etc.

When I asked her what it would take for her to stop believing, she said nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not reason, logic, or evidence. I commented that this was blind faith. She proceeded to tell me that blind faith was a good thing. I mentioned that's exactly how 9/11 happened. She saw nothing wrong with the faith part of their actions. That is the scariest thing I've ever heard a theist actually admit.
That IS scary. How faith in of itself is infallible no matter what that 'belief' may be. I can't understand people could not hear how illogical that sounds.
When I came out to my mom I asked her if she would kill me Abraham & Isaac style if she truly believed that Yaweh asked her to. There was just a long pause instead of an answer.

My own mom couldn't decide if she would stab me to death if she thought she heard a voice tell her to. *Facepalm*
Well, now, to be fair, most parents do want to stab their children to death at some point or other. Doing it on somebody else's say-so is kinda creepy; I'll grant you that.


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