One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Hey, at least you're blaspheming when you say that.
That reminds me of something Terry Pratchett wrote in one of his marvelous novels, about one of the downsides (and the only one so far) of being atheist is that we have no name to take in vain when something bad happens. I've been trying a few things out, but "Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster!" doesn't quite roll of the tongue like "Oh my god!". Suggestions?
Well there is a 4 letter word that starts with F and can be used as a noun, verb or adjective. It can also be surrounded by other words for phrases that roll off the tongue such as "for F sakes".

If that doesn't go over big in certain knitting circles there's always the golden oldies like "well blow me down" or "land sakes".

When you think about it there is alot of old "secular" phrases like "thank goodness" and "for goodness sake" and the like. I guess our modern societies are less concerned about using the "lord's" name outside of the church.
No; I am fairly new here, but I am going to go check out that post right now. Thanks!
This is more of a poor question and my response:

Theist says "I feel sad for you, you spend your life obsessing over the fact that you think there is no god..."

My response "I feel sad for you to, you spend your life obsessing over your death (plus you're deluded)"
My mom also loves God/Jesus more than us.

There's a teacher at my local church... Now, Mormons are creepy to begin with, but he's another story. His eyes are constantly pink, like he's been crying. And he probably has. There's just that "something" about him that gives him a creepy factor. He looks straight at you with those eyes, talks softy. He grabbed my hands once and told me that I felt "lighter" during church, which I found ironic considering I always rage in church, and had to stop myself from stabbing the boy talking about "traditional marriage". This guy is actually one of the few people at church who knows I'm an Atheist, and there was no reaction to my telling him aside from his continuing to push me into preaching. Oh except for he says it's not preaching. Even though the book we studied from is called "Preach My Gospel".

Also I've had this long-time friend and, when I was blossoming as a non-theist, we'd have constant religious debate. Even though he was fairly rational, he'd gotten some pretty interesting ideas in his head. He didn't seem to agree with the religious ideas of his church, but believed them anyways. He told me once I was probably going to hell because I don't go to church. Lol, this same kid who had wanted to hold my hand...
Well, I'm fairly sure I've seen him cry. So it must be a pretty good cover, eh?
Thinking about it anything a theist says will eventually be creepy.
There is an old thread at this site:

The first post is by an Anglican pastor named Steve Wakeford and in that post he is talking about freedom of religion and goes on to say:

One of the problems is that some folk misunderstand that expression - some folk take it to mean 'freedom from religion'. If you want freedom from religion you need to live somewhere like China or North Korea or a few other places that don't have all the wonderful freedoms we all enjoy.

Later, in Reply #18 this same Anglican pastor writes:
I love my wife, but love Jesus more. She loves me, but loves Jesus more. We love our kids, but love Jesus more.
Apparently so.Thar's just pathetic.
"some folk take it to mean 'freedom from religion'."

The problem with that statement is that freedom from religion logically entails freedom from it.

If I'm, say, a Buddhist, I should be free from Christian or Islamic rituals and rules. If I'm a Baptist I should be free from catholic rules, etc. So "no religion" follows just as easily.
I think the creepiest thing I've heard is recently I was in a debate with a fundamentalist Christian who admitted that Anne Franke was in hell because she was a Jew and Hitler was in heaven because he was a Christian.




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