One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Extra Virgin!

It reminds me of a tribeman, familiar with canned corn beef with a picture of a cow on the side, who saw his first tin of baby food.
On my honor, I will try to taste as good as possible when killed and processed into cookies. *holds two fingers up and other hand over heart*
Aw man, GSA was fun when I was a kid, before I realized it was just teaching me how to be a good little Christian housewife. XD
I still can't figure out why Swift got in so much trouble for proposing this during the Irish potato famine.
Because religion makes it entirely impossible to understand satire.
I was in a situation last year where I was required to attend church one sunday a month. Nevermind the details on that. But the creepiest thing I heard during one of those sessions was that such-and-such member was in charge of removal of demon possession. I wanted to go ask her just what constitutes demon possession and how do they tell the difference between that and mental illness. I didn't, though, because I didn't want them thinking I was possessed and attack me.
You shouldn't use words like "constitutes" and "of" around creationists it will scare some of them.
Or "evidence", "reality", "analysis", "fairness", "diversity" etc.....the list goes on.
Not to mention tolerance or empathy.
As my ex-priest said to me.

"Get up off your knees, and don't forget....Not a word to Mam or Dad!"

Just kidding.

The thing said wasn't directed to me but I just found blatantly dishonest and shocking, where a member of the cloth, during an easter service I had to attend, the Rev caught an 11 year old boy giggling and cut off his "sermon" mid sentence to say...."Son, I had a boy once who laughed his way through a service once, two weeks later I was burying him....he died of an overdose of heroin...just think about that!". Not only was it bizarre, but also it seemed a real twisted thing to say to an impressionable mind.

But then again what I have found as I'm sure most of you have to is pretty much most of the arguments for religion are hugh on the "creepometer".
Giggling in church leads to drug I wonder if it's some code for drug dealers to find prospective clients, I should test that theory. Except, I really don't want to enter a church during sermons.
Due to the nature of my work I have no option, but in all honesty I'm glad I do, because it just makes concrete to me how ludicrous some of the logic used to follow these cults is.




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