One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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I thought it was the devil who put the bones there to deceive us.
And the survey said .... nenurrrgh
Only sorta creepy but, my theist friend (I've managed to only have one, everyone else I meet is atheist, agnostic or doesn't care) and I had just concluded a lengthy discussion on various bits of theology. It had gotten late and he said something along the lines of his proof for god was that he prayed for a friend and then met me. Figuring it was too late at night, and getting to personal to continue I called it on for the night.

He commented on his way out, he thought it took more willpower to have faith in a god than to not.

Let's see here.. Believe that someone else will solve all your problems, takes LOADS of willpower /sarcasm.

Or believe that this is the one life we have and it will be, and only be, what we make of it to the best of our ability. Every accomplishment being a true marvel of our advancement.

Tough call huh.
According to an work colleague from my last job who was a born again Christian, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a "work of evil". It took me several seconds to realise that she was absolutely serious. There was me thinking it was a pretty crap American kids program.
"I just feel that I have been put here on Earth to be a leader of the people around me, to help people... I wonder if maybe I am the second coming of Jesus? When I was born my grandmother insisted that I was the baby Jesus..."

Hands down, super mega-creepiest thing ever spewed to my from a theist's lips. What ups the creepy factor is...

My husband has said this to me.

I laughed.

He's said this to a couple other people too. He's now in counseling and will more than likely be a SINGLE second coming of Jesus within a year's time. >: (
What is his official diagnosis? Just delusions of grandeur or is that a comorbidity of another, like schizophrenia?

I'm a psych major, so I'm curious.
I suspect some sub-type or another of Schizophrenia. So far all his psychologist has done is treat him for ADHD, which I don't think is it. And as I have read, many of the symptoms of ADHD are also symptoms of schizo disorders. The above mentioned grandmother who proclaimed he was the baby jesus was schizo.

For now I am sticking it out and seeing what happens with the counseling. I got him started in counseling after I found a very shocking letter he had written to "Dr" Ronald Weinland professing his love and belief for that douche nozzle's books, as well as praising him and telling him he is certain that god really does speak through him. I actually vomited after reading that horrendously long rambling letter, and confronted him with it immediately and let him know it was insanity... and I think I called him a "fucking moron" at the time. :( Not a good wife thing to do, but it scared the shit out of me!!!
Some bipolar people get grandiose religious conversions, too.
That's really scary! Yep,I'd be packing my bags and making big plans to get far,far,far away from him if I were you.
"Wake up already, Jaime, you're gonna make us late for church, DARN IT!"

-Jaime's Mom, circa. 1986?
So that would continue with:

Mom:" you don't want us to be late for church,do you?"

You:"I'd love it."
Me and my daughter now spend our Sunday mornings sleeping in, going to the park, having FUN! I get to do rewind and take back my childhood one Sunday at a time!


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