One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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I've always found it ironic how people claim that choosing a religion is one of the most(If not THE most) important decision in a person's life, then they try to brainwash kids into their religion long before the kids can think for themselves. Most people want to protect children from drinking too young, from having sex too young, from doing other dangerous things too young, and all the other things children need to be protected from, yet they try to warp those young minds as early as possible.
The other day my friend who is now my former friend found out that I'm atheist.She is the only one that knows.Some of my family kinda thinks so I give then hints.When she found out she said that I was possessed by the devil.Now she isn't speeking to me.It was very funny:)
One of my employee asked me,

Employee :do you have any reason to be good if you don't believe in god?
Me :so if you stop going to the church, can i fire you?
Employee : ummm ,but but.......
Last Sat. I went to a lecture by Dr. Darrel Ray (The God Virus). Afterward I went to Verizon to get my daughter's phone fixed. The manager was helping us (he was flirting a lot, while also telling us how religious he is and has been blessed with 8 "presents from God"). I was just interested in getting the damn phone fixed and drive my hour home!! I asked him if he was sure (this phone has been 'fixed' more times than I can keep track of).......and he held the phone out in his palm..did an exaggerated extension of his other arm to cover the phone and L-O-U-D-L-Y declared the phone has been "cured, touched, and blessed by the Lord"!!!!

so now we gots a jeebus phone...but he hasn't called yet :0)
In the military another soldier saw my dog tags that say "Atheist". She turned with the most intrigued look and said "You look nice, you don't seem like someone who eats babies"!!!!!!!
I'd point out how most serial killers don't look like they're dangerous, either. XD Albert Fish didn't look like a cannibal, either. That's how we get away with it. We actually have sites dedicated solely to baby-cooking recipes. XD

Seriously, who thinks atheists are baby-eaters and why? D;
That baby-eating just shows that atheists are smart and know which meat is soft and delicious. Muhhahaa..
Not to mention, it helps reduce the number of unwanted children ending up in foster care.

Since we couldn't kill them in-utero, we did out after, and added barbeque sauce.
And it would help to fight famine in third world countries.
And thus logic solves the world's problems again. Morals totally just get in the way.
Thank you. It works wonders for keeping my dry skin smooth and youthful.
Presumably in the same plant you use to make Girl Scout Cookies.




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