One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Giggling in church leads to drug use...

I remain eternally grateful that if I had to be born into and raised in Christianity, it was low-church Episcopal. I can't imagine a church service without at least a little bit of giggling. And some Sundays, a whole lot of it!
"pretty much most of the arguments for religion are hugh on the "creepometer"."

I resemble that remark!
Ah the perils of being hugh on the list as opposed to high....for shame, for shame!
A guy i know asked for everybody to pray for the healing of his son. The obvious hit me, but I suggested to him to take his son to a doctor instead, then sent him a few links on kids that have died from faith healing, and how the parents of the deceased when to prison......yeah, he hates me now, but my intentions were for the best of all of them :(
Yeah,and it never crosses their little minds that maybe,just maybe they would have got better anyway..It does happen.
You should always ask those who believe in faith healing why it doesn't work on amputees.
It's much more likely that someone get's better by believing they will get better..."Placebo Effect"
About 30 years ago, I had a gaggle of Jesoids try to tell me that the "Starman" logo for the band RUSH, as depicted on my T-shirt, was a satanic symbol.

I had a skeptical bent when I was young, so during a theological discussion with my Pentecostal preacher uncle, I asked him about dinosaur bones if the earth was so young. He said that the devil put them there to deceive us. I recall thinking that was absolutely preposterous! I was only about 8-9 years old. He did manage to scare me about burning in hell without accepting Jesus, but I grew out of that when I tried to accept Jesus, but Jesus didn't answer me back.
While talking to a woman who lost her child in a miscarriage "Can't question god's will! He does what's best for the world" - Like What? Flood The World? Death? Disease? Why the fuck did he allow you to be born then... Also, I had asked someone about "taking the bullet for someone, risking your life for someone else, said he " No, that would be like suicide and God hates them, they are going to hell. Besides I know God loves me, and I don't know if God loves them" - So wait, God hates the people who commit suicide? he couldn't have helped them out? And way to be selfish.
Talk to a friend today who's an apostate Muslim; he said other Muslims tell him others will assume he is a Muslim too so his act of rebellion and "treachery" (his words) are pointless.

That's pretty creepy.
I've got a one up on you from relatives, "Don't you want me to go to heaven?"




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