One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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OW MY BRAIN!! I know this post is old...  but that level of rediculousness .... I am compelled to express my outrage.

Just the other day my family was looking at 8 acres to build a house on. I asked the next door neighbor if she knew where her property line went to (it was the same distance back as the land we were looking at). She was kind of pissy and said "No." She then proceeded to tell me that her husband had been walking all over that land while praying outloud to god to let him be able to buy it to build a church on. Yikes! I said thanks and split.

So we figured they'd be pretty pissed if we put rocks in pentagram shapes all over the place and may decide we needed to die! (I'm kidding about the pentagrams ☺)

Not sure if we're gonna buy it or not....not sure if they're blowhard idiots or fundy crazies...

Christians=TMI (Too much Information)


I've noticed Christians love to tell people how holy they are, and how and why they prey. Seriously, why do Christians get off by ranting on and on to any warm body about the minutia of their lives? I get this all the time!

I wish I knew. My best guess is they think it makes others see them as more saintly and closer to god.

my friend:"You're making God sound like an emotionally unstable girlfriend. He doesn't need your love to feel good about himself. He doesn't want to send you to hell... but he will."

Me: "...Ok."

When I was a kid in 4th grade, my religious Mom had the wonderful brain fart to send me to

a Seventh Day Adventist school.

Talk about a bunch of scary freaks!!!!!


Anyway, my teacher told us the story of a family who went on vacation only to return and find

that their home furniture had been rearranged and vandalism done by GHOSTS!!!!


This creeped me out, not because I believed in ghosts, but the utter verousity with which she told this spooky story to us little kids.


The moral of the story was supposed to be that the family had refused Jesus, and now they

believed and their souls were saved.

Instead of learning math, english, etc to prepair us kids for the real world, this is the kind of crap we learned!!


I was considered a outcast and nonconformist to them and they flunked and expelled me.

I was forced to repeat the 4th grade in public school and I have never forgiven my Mom

for sending me to that hell hole of a "school".

What a terrifying story.  My parents tried to send me to a "xian" school when I was 6.  I went to "try it out" for a week, and I cried every day because I didn't want to go.  The teachers were really preachy and I had to wear a dress and the "girl" activities were all separate from the "boy" activities.  What a bunch of crap.  After the trial week I got to go back to public school.  Whew.
That is horrific! I'm so glad you were able to escape the brainwashing. Shame on your mom!
A fundamentalist Christian from Indiana once told me that if only people in poorer parts of the world would believe in Jesus there would be no starvation or suffering in their in their countries.
Well, Catholics believe in literal transubstantiaton. Maybe this Indiana funds thinks it also works in reverse.

Think about it. Instead of Jesus being in their hearts, he can be in their stomachs. And from there it should be a simple matter of turning into a cracker. Yeah, and since god is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. It shouldn't be any problem for him to also be omnifilling, omnisatisfying, and omninurishing.

Yeah, it is amazing what faith can do.
After a Frank Turek Lecture Q & A session where he hulimiated another atheist student a person came up to me and said I was polite and I had logical arguments but they still sided with God.

Now on that latter half a kid was put on the spot for asking why he became an atheist. "Well I had some deep inner thought and intro-spection and came to the conclusion that there isn't a God".

Frank then laughibly said "You had deep thoughts..."
The Majority of the audience laughed at him. They laughed at him for having intro-spection. Yes because how do they know when they're all by themselves that JEsus loves them. How can they feel that warm fuzzy feeling of a godly embrace when they're all by themselves. They may say "THE SACRIFICE" not action my friend. How do yoU FEEL it. or more so how do you KNOW IT.

Through "introspection".

Bah...sorry not the most disturbing.

I Guess it was at a Methodist Church Camp when I was younger being told by the camp (Yes the camp all the counselors and people in charge agreed) that Brokeback Mountain winning movie-based awards was a sign of the decay of society.

Even in my religious-socially accepted Stupor I knew this was insanely wrong.
Some kid on my school forums said that the reason school shootings happen is because religion isn't being taught there.




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