One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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LOL!! my Mom used to say crap like that all the time (she is dead now).

She would tell us (her sons) how much she regretted not being more strict about making us

go to church when we were kids, and it was all her fault that we turned out to be heathens :)

My step-dad is still like that. xD He's always complaining about me not being religious and how he should bring me to church more often. Newsflash: dragging me to church isn't going to magically make me believe in god. xD
No, probably quite the opposite.  I spent my childhood going to church all the time.  I was brainwashed for a while, just like the kid in the video.  Then, pretty suddenly, I realized what a bunch of hooey it all was.  When people talk about religion, I try to use the word hooey as much as possible.  It is so childish and it drives them crazy.
^ Yup, that pretty much sums me and my childhood up~
My mom's okay with it, but my step-dad...not so much. >>; He's the one that forced me to join a bunch of teen christ groups, which I was eventually allowed to leave after a lot of complaining. xD

This is sad, but also funny, and relevant to the topic.

Hey look, it's me and my step-dad, only with reversed genders!
I know exactly what that kid is going through. xP

What's the creepiest thing a theist has ever said to you?


That there is a God and he is Great and that he Loves me....:p....pfffffthh..


Yeah,I got a preacher yell:"God still loves you." on the street one day. I ignored him.
this would be my own words...before I came to appreciate truth...I once told someone in defense of literal 6-day and in response to how accurate dating methods are that "God could make a rock TODAY that dated to millions of years old!"  

talk about scary...I still cannot believe I actually came up with that!!

This thread prompted me to register on this site actually.

My sister who remains in the evangelical church myself and my other, middle sister have both left, has said to me delightful things such as:

'You're going to get such a shock when you die'.

and when I said I wasn't a christian anymore, she once replied

'Yes you are' which is even more offensive than the previous statement.

Charming, cheers sis! Good job I still love her huh.

I was raised Baptist, and as I understand their doctrine, it is "Once saved, always saved." I am guessing this is what your sister was referring to.

Now, this makes no more sense to me than believing in Santa Claus. It should tho, be of some comfort to your sister in that she shouldn't have to fret over your soul ever burning in hell. I imagine my mother is similarly comforted.

I agree that she is referring to that.  It reminds me of a time several years ago (when my mother sensed that I was moving away from religion) when she said, "You're gayness doesn't affect your salvation."  Like that was going to make a difference.  And it is somewhat insulting, because I know that when she says stuff like that, she is relying on the "fact" that my sins can be forgiven.  Great.  A big part of who I am is a sin.  Nice.


She hasn't pushed it since then.  I feel she is afraid of what will come out of my mouth if she does.  And she should be afraid:)



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