One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Rapture, rupture more like!
"Imagine a world without sheeple." - Edward Teach

Whoa. You're blowin my mind man :P

On that subject though, I sometimes wonder how many cult leaders are just shrewd businessmen - after all, if it wasn't for my damn principles (*shakes fist at principles*) I could live in a friggin mansion (or posh compound), get a dozen chicks any night of the week, and whatever else I might want :P I've got the whole smooth-talking charismatic thing going on; so long as I avoided any debates with Hitchens or whoever then I'd be set ;)

I'd much rather be able to live with myself of course - but on the subject of advancing the human race... it's 2010, people - where the hell are the moving sidewalks?? :/ :D
Not only that but the jetpacks??
Michael, you mean Christians can fly? That's so cool! I must never have had enough faith to get to that level.
I always thought the guy that invented pixie sticks was just phoning it in. "Fuck subtlety, let's just put sugar in a straw and call it a day."

This made me lol, because I've done cocaine out of a pixie stick before.  It was hard to get it in the straw, but the comedy value was priceless. 

Your son is soooo cool!
What was her response?
I tend to reply rather, "What did the Faeries (leprichauns, unicorns, FSM, Zeus, etc. Whatever I know for a fact they don't believe in) ever do to you, to make you hate them?"
Wow, there really seems to be a lot of nut-jobs out there. I think I may just burst out laughing if I ever had to meet people like this. Then again that could be quite dangerous, they may try to exorcise the demons from me!
You win the creepiness award... ugh!
Yeah, definitely the top of the creepy list.
I did some work with sex offenders and they almost universally advertize their religiosity. Works as a great mask!




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