One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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the reason no one else sees it is b/c they don't believe it.

Yes! New Agers have the market cornered on the concept of "If you don't see/feel/experience the Woo directly, it's just because you don't believe in it."

It's the New Age version of holier-than-thou, as the implication is also that you're not being a good/proper New Ager.

I got this a lot working in Sedona with its supposed 'Vortex' energy. If you don't feel all kinds of supernatural vibes or see a ghost or something, "You're just not open to it."

I.e.: "You're not letting the placebo do its work."

I think I was the only tour guide in Sedona who did Vortex tours ... and spent the first 10 minutes of the tour debunking all the Woo. The rest of the tour was spent on hard science, and the overall psychological effect of color, climate, weather, Native history, nature, interesting wildlife and plant life; all combine to make for a hopefully pleasant, stimulating experience out in the Sedona red rocks.

Pleasant, stimulating = relaxing, peaceful, inspirational.

Exactly what the 'Vortex' purports to be. Mystery solved!
I'm pretty sure a lot of Christian girls (and guys) do that. I've known some people who straight up had a Jesus fetish.
Whenever I saw "Jesus loves you" signs, I usually said "Unrequited."

Where I live, the first three digits of the phone number is 666! I think some Christians actually objected to that and got it changed to 650. The same thing happened to most "route 666" roads. (Lame!) But there is still a route 666 somewhere in Pennsylvania.
Whenever someone talks about Jesus, I scream about how he owes me child support. Oh yeah, he loved me. Too bad he forgot to use protection while doing it.
I used to own a farm on Va state rt 666 which runs through our county. The property was my grandmother's farm which I bought when when she died. We subdivided the property and auctioned most of it off. The Rt number came up with the auctioneers whose job is to get the most money from the property. They were concerned that many people would not bid on land that had that address. It turned out that the land sold fine, bring so much per acre that it started a mass of property going up for sale in the area. So I guess it really did not matter to most people.
i was young like 9 or 10 my Sunday school teacher told me "watching The Simpsons" is a sin thats when i first got the idea something was wrong..
You've just stirred a long forgotten memory.

I remember being like 6 or 7 at primary school and we had not-our-normal teacher who began to tell us all why we shouldn't go out on Halloween becuase it was wicked and ungodly

My reaction (as now) was, in order: what? why?? So???
On the topic of people hearing voices, someone once told me he would kill me if god told him to.

I argued that a "loving god" wouldn't give instructions to murder people, and that any such instruction is clearly a case of schizophrenia.

He argued that mental disorders are created by god for a reason, and that the voices could only come from god. And then re-iterated that if a voice told him to kill me, he would.

Needless to say I haven't talked to him since.
I sure don't blame you.
Me either.  Has this person never known anyone with a mental disorder?  I they are created by god for a reason, god is one mean motherf.
I wonder if he considered the reaction of someone being unwillingly introduced to his deity ... especially if said person were reasonably skilled in avoiding such [if you take my meaning here]?
When I hear these statements I wonder how these people feel when the media reports some murder where the accused states that they were directed by god. Do they secretly believe that the person was unjustly arrested? How would you ever know? Maybe god is directing a lot of these murders. Strangely the system never calls in a holy man or exorcist etc...




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