One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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"watching the Simpsons" will make you go blind. And so will any thing else in quotation marks.
You've just stirred a long forgotten memory.

I remember being like 6 or 7 at primary school and we had not-our-normal teacher who began to tell us all why we shouldn't go out on Halloween becuase it was wicked and ungodly

My reaction (as now) was, in order: what? why?? So???
On the topic of people hearing voices, someone once told me he would kill me if god told him to.

I argued that a "loving god" wouldn't give instructions to murder people, and that any such instruction is clearly a case of schizophrenia.

He argued that mental disorders are created by god for a reason, and that the voices could only come from god. And then re-iterated that if a voice told him to kill me, he would.

Needless to say I haven't talked to him since.
I sure don't blame you.
Me either.  Has this person never known anyone with a mental disorder?  I they are created by god for a reason, god is one mean motherf.
I wonder if he considered the reaction of someone being unwillingly introduced to his deity ... especially if said person were reasonably skilled in avoiding such [if you take my meaning here]?
When I hear these statements I wonder how these people feel when the media reports some murder where the accused states that they were directed by god. Do they secretly believe that the person was unjustly arrested? How would you ever know? Maybe god is directing a lot of these murders. Strangely the system never calls in a holy man or exorcist etc...
I knew a Catholic stripper whose fetish was to be done while hanging from a cross!
"ever been to sea, billy?"

"lets play the priest in the pulpit"

"jesus, jesus, jesus, lets just...turn out the lights"

sorry couldnt resist...
The whole religion is creepy. I had to do an assignment on religion last year and our group chose the Jehovah's Witnesses vs Catholics. Of course I would get the JW's. I had to interview a JW (she was a complete nutter) and then attend 5 of their church groupings or whatever you call them. On the first time on going I battled to leave the hall after the cermon was done. The Witnesses had obviously noticed I was a newcomer (but not my pen and paper and lack of praise during the songs) and practically swarmed me to ask who I was. They all asked why I was there and if I enjoyed the cermon and if I would be coming back next week, while smiling and welcoming me (in a really creepy friendly kind of way). I just smiled and nodded and said I had to come back next week for my assignment, and then never went back. I was scared for my life!



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