One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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I was raised Baptist, and as I understand their doctrine, it is "Once saved, always saved." I am guessing this is what your sister was referring to.

Now, this makes no more sense to me than believing in Santa Claus. It should tho, be of some comfort to your sister in that she shouldn't have to fret over your soul ever burning in hell. I imagine my mother is similarly comforted.

I agree that she is referring to that.  It reminds me of a time several years ago (when my mother sensed that I was moving away from religion) when she said, "You're gayness doesn't affect your salvation."  Like that was going to make a difference.  And it is somewhat insulting, because I know that when she says stuff like that, she is relying on the "fact" that my sins can be forgiven.  Great.  A big part of who I am is a sin.  Nice.


She hasn't pushed it since then.  I feel she is afraid of what will come out of my mouth if she does.  And she should be afraid:)

This isn't the most disturbing by far, but it is the most memorable. I was 7 and hit a ball into a neighbors yard, the scary lady that all the kids thought was "a witch". I look around and don't see anyone, run to grab the ball and she seriously pops up from behind a bush and tells me that, "Jesus lives in the flowers and he is watching everything you do!".

She had a really nice yard and I think she was scared I was going to ruin her azaleas or something and I guess the Jesus security system is cheaper than ADT, which as I understand does not keep kids off your lawn.

Another incident was in an online class, I think it was a philosophy class but every class from this school was filled with religious fruits who made everything about god and Jesus. We had to debate "evolution vs. creationism" (man, I am so pissed that school got one semester tuition from me!), and at one point I said, "Well if god made everything then who made god?" His exasperated reply, "Well obviously God's father!" Obviously! Thanks for clearing that up!

My friend was on dialysis. I was with him when a kidney came through! I was so happy, jumping up and down for him. He told the lady he would have to call her back. I was perplexed.


"God will heal me," he said.


I heard him call her back and HE GAVE UP A KIDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I went outside and puked and quit talking to him.

I've had some extreme fundie friends who are no longer friends. When I told stories about them to my other christian friends, they gave me the greatest response for situations such as this: "God gave you a brain, so use it." XD
I visited a house church once and came away with a Christian stalker. He found out where I lived and worked - he showed up at the coffee shop I volunteered at and sat down next to me without being invited. He said "God told me that you live on a street that starts with an 'O' and you live on the second floor of an old house." Well, he was right, but we had tons of mutual friends and it's not that hard to figure that part out if he had followed me for one day. Then he said "God told me he wants me to be your savior. J Dog and I are tight." BY FAR THE CREEPIEST THING that has ever been said to me in my life. I told him that he was frightening and promptly left.

Did you obtain a restraining order?

This post I made to my blog a while back provides a great metaphor for the prevailing theist points of view.
Its all about a peculiar method of sheep farming on a remote island in the North Atlantic...

 From my fundy friend:

"Atheism is a religion."



"You shouldn't have sex with that girl. Because when you wake up that girl you thought you bagged is going to be a demon."-WTF


"Jesus is the only lover I ever need"-sadly, I've heard that alot


"Just let Jesus love you, let him get all up in there"-wtf...

I had a super religious/ fundamentalist Christian recently attack me when I said I was an atheist.  She had asked me, "Aren't you a Christian?" and I said, "No way, I refuse to buy into that superstition."  She became very upset and told me she couldn't talk to me anymore.


Just prior to that, we were having a conversation about what to do with all the people who were having children they couldn't raise (were too poor, had "bad values," etc.)  She told me there should be a way to take the children from those people (essentially, the Medicaid dependent or poor) and have them raised the "right" way (the Right way).  I asked her, "who decides what is the "right" way and what child gets re-homed?  Is this sort of like a Rescue Program for human children, like the Humane Society?"  and she said that was exactly what we needed-- a rescue program for kids being raised in a way she thought was not "right" (Right).  I was totally creeped out.  Then she asked me if I was Christian and blah blah blah....




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