One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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"A teenage girl I know keeps driveling on about how much she's in love with her Redeemer." - Thisbe

"I wanna get down on my knees and start pleasing Jesus! I wanna feel his salvation all over my face!" - Eric Cartman

now that's funny....LMAO
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That is funny....:)
That is funny....:)
Yeah,well,that was the other thing I said basically if you thought this non existent entity you love so much wanted you to kill people,would you do it?
You sre are right Thisbe..And they just don't see this cause they are trapped inside.
Can i add to this CJ Bolland - The Prophet?

For those of you who don't like old school techno you can listen to the first vocal section and then skip ahead to minute 5 for the second part of the vocals.
Hell Yes! I love Circus Contraption! R.I.P.
I hope that person doesn't go manic.
I had a good laugh when I was stationed in Germany in the US Army. I had a German girlfriend(who I later married), and she used to drag me to church with her. One Saturday morning, the sermon was about Abraham and his psychotic episode where he heard voices in his head telling him to kill his son. When he got ready to do it, the voices told him "Psych!", and that it was just a test. The point of the sermon was how good an example Abraham was, somebody who would do ANYTHING those voices told him to do.
The same week, I got my copy of American Atheist magazine, and they had an article about how gullible people can be, and how dangerous having blind faith can be.
Well - here's the silliest. He was a campus preacher at ISU in Ames and that's in Iowa.

His name was Jed - I kid you not. And he would get a circle of college kids around him - mostly out of entertainment value between classes - and he would say stuff like this:

DO You-Ah put PizzAHs in your-ah noses?

(crowd - collective shrugging WTF?)

Then Why-AH do you-Ah put Sex-ah organs in your-ah mouth?

(crowd - several audibly) Cause it feels good and no one gets knocked up!
Nice one Howard!

If putting pizza in your nose felt good I'm sure lots of people would do it.




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