One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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I'm sorry, how does a piece of meat leave itself out - wouldn't it be the fault of the meat's original owner?
That would also apply to having sex with one person over and over again--like a spouse.

Exactly! Glad I got out of that when I did - I like sex.
That is, on so many levels, about the sickest thing I have ever heard.
One of my classmates said that ATHEISTS won't live for long and God will kill all of us for destroying the world.. everyone seems to agree on that these days....
So now we are the one's responsible for destroying the world! WTF? Does it actually say that in their book of lies?
Yeah that's true.. Why is it that the non-religious actually have more knowledge of the Bible than the religious? Hmm.. maybe we can turn all Christians atheist if we can get them to read the Bible! Mwahahaha!
Please tell me it was PvP and you killed him.
I had a girl that I used to date (from youth group) come to me some years later with a letter she had written. The letter bashed my lifestyle and informed me that I should get used to the idea of hell because that's where I'll end up. The letter then ended with a nice little invite to return to bible study and cleanse my filthy soul. When I confronted her about the letter she explained to me that god was speaking through her and guiding her hand so if I was angry with her I was really pissed at the almighty. Obviously, I suggested that if that was true, and the lord spoketh through her, then she was in possession of the most recent chapter of the good book! God started writing again! I took it upon myself to name this letter "The Book of Skank."

What a great way to keep people stuck in a made up fantasy world.

Yeah, I am also a "Son of Perdition" according to my sister. Out of the 5 of us siblings, she is the only one who is not agnostic/atheist. She is estranged from the rest of us. Even her kids are non-religious, as well as all my other nieces/nephews. Mormonism is responsible for this.

A, incredibly off the wall/creepy girl I knew in high school (a very fanatical Catholic) once described hallucinations of fire and flowers she would see while walking down the school hallways. Of course, she didn't call them hallucinations, they were "visions" to her. The things she described and her extreme paranoia make me think she was most likely schizophrenic. What's even sadder is the would most likely never seek or receive help for it because she'd been so thoroughly brainwashed by her church and parents into believing that the voices she heard and the things she saw were "messages from god".




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