One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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Speaking of medical references when she brought up the power of prayer I used the "Why doesn't god heal amputees" argument she replied "He does....I've seen an amputated limb grow back after prayer!" (same woman with the bleeding!)
I wonder what denomination she was? Maybe 'Lyingsackofshittist'? Orthodox of course.
Too be fair (really) she said it was on video..and I did suggest that it had been faked and I would like to have see it...

..she moved on rather quickly to another subject (as they do regularly when that are shown to be intellectually outclassed)
OK, I take back my nasty assessment. In less skeptical days I was taken in by videos that supported my idiotic ideas.
I used the "Why doesn't god heal amputees" argument she replied "He does....I've seen an amputated limb grow back after prayer!"

Actually, I too have seen amputated limbs magically grow back. I myself have been known to remove the nose of a child, then place it back on their face unscathed, pain-free, no scar tissue.

Which means that *I* am god. Feel free to worship me. Tithings can be made to my paypal account.
NICE SHOT, Cheryl!!! Brava!
Excellent response!
That god is watching me. all the time, every where i go, no matter what i do, there he is watching me. In the shower, going number 2, having sex, eating, sleeping, dreaming, there he is. In school, at work, there this voyeuristic, homophobic, mind reading, stalker is.
Rational people would never allow some one to follow them around with video cameras taking notes and peeping through our windows. But for some reason its okay when its daddy god.
He gave all those details about when God is watching you?
lol this is a good one, once someone told me that they dont need to think for themselves god does it for them
I knew a woman in college who went on like this:
"And Jesus got me to the airport on time and Jesus helped me get to my seat,and Jesus made sure the waitress served me and Jesus helped me get my luggage."

She was one of the most irritating people I'd ever met. i wanted to ask her:"Does he help you change your tampons?"
That's a major reason why atheism gives me such a sense of liberation. No creepy mind-stalker.




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