One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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So have I,actually.
Kids are sponges. I keep a couple around in case of spills.
really? It has been my expereience that they are more often than not the cause of spills :)
Oh. It's possible I had that backwards. I get kinda confused around kids. All that wasted motion and noise. Very disorienting.
I would have too and then asked him how he knew this to be trus.
My brother told me that im no longer in the family because Im an atheist.Then he told me that im a sad person and god will never love me again and God wants to smite me and everyone like me.

Mmmmm, feel the warmth of Christian love and acceptance.

Seriously, sorry to hear it. Anytime I think my one or two family members' passive aggressiveness is awful, I read something like this and feel lucky.
"God loves you like a Father. No matter where you go, he always knows where you are. You can't hide from the love of God. He just wants you to let him show you how much he loves you and all that you have to do is let him. No matter what is happening in your life, God is always there to love you."

Not said directly to me, but delivered as part of a sermon that some unusual circumstances caused me to attend. It didn't help that the message was delivered by a grey-haired old woman using a sing-song voice. I had to wonder if that's the kind of thing going through the minds of pedo-priests and they're seeing themselves as bringing such 'love' into the physical realm.
lol wonder if you could get a restraining order...
Seems more to me Edward from Twilight than any loving supreme being. Creepy stalker, not sweet love.
I was once in a discussion about atheism v christianity with this guy on the or whatever that web site is called. I was quoting something Carl Sagan said and he came back with the reply that Sagan died because he was an atheist. I asked him, I wonder why christians die then and he gave no response. Not a very lively debate... but I thought it was strange statement to make. Some people really do not think before they speak and apparently they do not read what they post or how they post things online.
Phil, I first read that as, "God must have looked over him." Zombie jeebus, I still need deprogramming!




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