One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive.

 I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.
She's no longer writing to me.

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I wonder the same thing.When a god speaks to them,are they sleeping,wake up and write down what the god said,or what? I want to know.
Maybe the people who wrote a lot of these pieces of religious work were actually just undiagnosed schizophrenics.

They "literally" heard the voice of god.
Maybe the people who wrote a lot of these pieces of religious work were actually just undiagnosed schizophrenics.

They "literally" heard the voice of god.

I always wonder that too; how one tells the difference between 'hearing god' and hallucinations, schizophrenia, self-fulfilling prophecy, etc.
I've heard many things, but on the spot I am unable to call upon such memories. Here are a few dumb things they've said to me.

A believer in the bible said this:
"I'm sorry that you are unable to find peace and have to try believing in some unrealistic fairytale to satisfy that hole in your heart."
No kidding. A Christian said that to me. He then went on to tell me that I will have to answer to his god for "worshiping the devil with your Buddha new age Taoism." I'm not even any of that (though I really respect Taoism and have read the Tao Te Ching over and over). This guy was just really delusional.

Everything a Christian has used to defend Abraham being ready to kill Isaac, and what God allowed to happen to Job.

A woman said she had an incurable disease and prayed, eventually having no sign of the disease. I asked what about the many others who prayed but still died. No response. In such disputes ya gotta keep the logical as fundamental as possible.

Many have told me that the books in the bible are all they need to read. As I point out their collection of Christian literature they never know what to say. This always begins when I ask why they haven't cared to read the book of Enoch or the book of Jashar, both of which are quoted and cited in the bible. That seemed pretty dumb to me.
"worshiping the devil with your Buddha new age Taoism."

Wow, they managed to combine three separate religions and the new age movement all into one.

Reminds me of the time I overheard someone say, "It's not possible for a black person (the guy speaking) to be racist. And a 19 year old white girl from Alabama like you could never understand that!"

Ageism, racism, sexism, and classism, all in the same sentence where he contends it's not possible for him to be racist. With that kind of reasoning, I'm guessing the guy was a staunch Xian as well.
He was quite a nutty one, that's for sure.
This was more sad than creepy, but my childhood friend (the same one who told me my profile picture was porn) put on her status that she went to a civil ceremony and it made her all depressed and how happy she was that they (Mormons) have temple weddings so they can all be together forever.

Of course, if you DO have a Mormon temple wedding, no matter who is involved, EVERYONE attending needs a temple recommend from a local bishop. Naturally I could not attend one-- not even if it was my own child getting married. So much for families being together.
In keeping with the mormon theme, I was a missionary at one time. And for all who have served in that capacity they have experienced those who seem to think they are your boss and how you should do your work. One particular person told me "I should live as though I was married to Jesus!"

Realizing, or rather hoping, it was a figure of speech I asked if he said married.

"Yes! Married" was the response. So much for prop 8!
Goz - One told me she loved Jesus more than her husband, anything or anyone alive. I told her i found that very sad and disturbing.She's no longer writing to me.

My goodness, Now that is called psychotic.There are many over religous person like her who talk like that.
I had a online muslim friend before many days.Oneday i gave her some informations about Islam from some sites where they mentioned bad about Islam(which is correct).After seeing those,She said --All what u have written about islam and quran is a lie.You found some wahabi sites and got wrong information. Holy Quran never tells to harm people.And our prophet (s.a.w) is the KINDEST,SMARTEST,FAIR,CARING and the best creation of ALLAH.He never hurt even animal,so dont say such things about him ever.

Still more stupid things she said...U can see that in a topic of my mine which i posted here called -- Religion makes people to get angry.
We were heading towards the local IMAX for our activity of
the day and we were discussing how bees die after stinging someone and
Aaron said "That's another reason why I can't believe some people don't
believe in god because it's God judgment towards that one bee for
stinging that innocent person." He seriously said that. I'm dead
I made a thread about it on this forum with the whole story.
Yup, honeybees die after one sting--the barbed stinger and venom sac pull out of the abdomen and keep pumping venom into the victim while the bee crawls off to die with her guts ripped out. Great design. For an evil god. Of course, wasps can sting a person over and over until they get bored wielding their barbless stinger and then fly off to sting another day.

It sure would be great if the idjits promoting intelligent design actually knew anything about nature. But it's not like religious people are famous for their consistency.
That and if he kills a bee for stinging someone (and for people who are allergic to bees, killing the person), why doesn't he stop famine?


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