What's the Difference between Democrats and Republicans?

It seems to me that Democrats should stand on Keynesian Economic Theory and call the Republicans out on Milton Friedman and the failed attempt at unregulated free market economic systems.

I thought the Democrats followed Keynesian ideas at least in general. I must be wrong, since they haven't claimed any higher ground - at least lately.

I guess since politicians must pay for their political campaign and since corporations contribute the most that Democrats must sacrifice their principals for re-election.

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Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Where is the equivalent study about political liberals.

the only way to fix our current dilemma is ......................


this would pretty much auto-correct the system

we need citizen representation not career criminals.... I mean politicians

Term limits seem kind of antidemocratic - if people want to elect an official who has a track record and experience, the term limit can prevent that.  If people elect dumbass jerks over and over again, that's the fault of the populace who can only blame themselves.  Term limits are an attampt to prevent people from re-electing bad politicians, but they don't result in better politics.

Oh yeah. we have such a great congress now that arent as you call it "hacks"

Congress only cares about protecting their place in congress and not in doing the job we voted them in for, both dems and repubs,

they dont craft or even read the bills they vote on this is done by other non elected people .

the whole idea of democracy is "citizen representation" the idea that you have to know something other than basic common sense is "bull"

I believe most people are good, I think morals are part of evolutionary process.

religious or not most people randomly picked would make better choices than our current set of representatives.

term limits is democratic; one person doing the same thing for term after term is non democratic.  Even kids in preschool understand you take turns.


That's the way I feel about Herb Kohl.

the only way to fix our current dilemma is 

Campaign finance reform.


The American Enterprise Institute:

A Truce in Culture Wars as Voters Focus on Economy


Malcom X explained the diffrence between the dems and repubs years ago

the repubs are wolves, they smash the door open in the chicken house and eat the chickens.

the dems are foxes , they sneak in through the back, eat all the chickens and you never know until it is too late.



                                           THEY ARE BOTH DOGS!!!!

Hawks killed my chickens.




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