What's the weirdest argument you've heard about my you should have children?

Just wonderin'....I've heard lots in my 28 years of marriage!

I think the weirdest and most selfish argument that I have ever heard was, "Who's gonna take care of you when you get old?" Can you believe that? As if it's fair to conceive a child just to be your nurse when you get old?

Because of our decision to remain childless we have been able to retire early and set up a future where if we need to be taken care of, we'll be responsible for that ourselves. It's as if that is a foreign concept. Or do you think it's just grasping at straws to scare us into having children?

Sometimes I think people with kids just want everyone to suffer equally :o) and are a little jealous of childless couples. Just me, or have you felt that too?

I think it would be interesting to hear what people have used to try to motivate/intimidate/scare you guys into having children!

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I live just outside of Macomb Illinois

On top of that, how do you define "normal?"
These are great guys!
I've heard variations of most of these too, with the exception of Jason's, "Denying potential souls access to heaven." What? Uhh, that's certifiable psycho talk, and a new one on me! :o)
By that logic, abortion will make them go to heaven faster--and guarantee them heaven too, since there aren't a lot of chances to sin in the womb.
Oh, but you're forgetting about original sin. Babies have to be born in order to be baptized/saved. It's just like debt financing your college education; you start out in the hole.
LOL Allison!
I forgot about this one too!
And after childbearing age has come and gone, I've even heard, "Well, you can still adopt....." As if!
I really think there are a lot of people who are slightly jealous of the freedom my husband and I have in our retirement. Sometimes it pays to swim up stream.....:o)
In my generation it's for child support so the lazy ass dosen't have to work.
Mostly, I keep getting (from my mom and sister actually)...

"But you would make such a great dad!."... really?

I am good around children who are not my own, but how do they know that translates into being a good parent? How about the person who might be bearing my child, are they a good parent as well?

I am lazy, egotistical and downright inconsiderate sometimes and those might be my good points. ;)

I could be the worst person in the world to have kids, who knows. Those kind of blanket statements always bother me.
I know exactly what you mean. We've heard that one over and over in our 28 years of marriage.
Sure, I love kids, I think they are so interesting. But I certainly don't want to raise one. Or even have one stay at my house more than 1 night in a row....
I've got the "But you would make such a great mom!" one several times.

My response is that the possibility of being good at something is not reason enough to do it. I could potentially be a really good plumber (I've always liked to work with my hands), but I'm not going to drop out of my Ph.D. program and become a plumber any time soon.
I like this one when I am explaining I don't like kids.

"You'll feel different when its your own."

Like I should have a another human being as a social science experiment.
No, no, you're looking at it all wrong. It's not a social science experiment, it's a collecting hobby, like philately. Other people's hobbies are boring, but when you're looking thru your very own stamp collection, oh, the joy!


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