Seriously, whats with em? Does anyone else feel like what passes for masculinity now a days is perpetual boyhood? Does anyone else feel like men have been feminized? I'm not advocating a return to the patriarchy of our great grandparents, but I do think that guys need to claim their balls back.

More on this later.

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And what exactly do you mean by needing to "claim their balls back?"

What defines a man as a man is whether or not he has a penis, anything other definition depends on which society you live in.
...anything other definition depends on which society you live in.

Sure the details are different, but the generalities are the same, I think.
Interesting. I feel precisely the same way about all sporting events.
Me too.
...enlarge on your fears in this matter...

I don't see mthoreau's post is necessarily fear based.
I keep extras in my sock drawer, and the glove box of the car. I'm sure I could spare a couple and still have plenty left over.
No one would dare snatch my balls.
Reminds me of a song I heard in the 90's called Detachable Penis by King Missile III. It was actually pretty catchy.
I have one of those, too.

King Missile rocks my world.
Damn, I'm sorry. I thought that those two new pool balls I picked up were kinda squishy, but I was also playing drunk, so I wasn't sure if it was me or not . . .

Uhm, if I clean them off, want 'em back?
I would rather stay celibate than keep my toilet seat down. Besides, there's always pornography.
The problem isn't that men always leave the toilet seat up, it's that women always leave it down. Of course, I so don't have to be concerned about that! :)




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