Seriously, whats with em? Does anyone else feel like what passes for masculinity now a days is perpetual boyhood? Does anyone else feel like men have been feminized? I'm not advocating a return to the patriarchy of our great grandparents, but I do think that guys need to claim their balls back.

More on this later.

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I would rather stay celibate than keep my toilet seat down. Besides, there's always pornography.
The problem isn't that men always leave the toilet seat up, it's that women always leave it down. Of course, I so don't have to be concerned about that! :)
O.K. with the toilet seat, I put the seat and lid down when I'm done and ask the boys here to do the same thing. It prevents fishing for things later (cell phones for example) and then we all have take some responsibility for moving it around a bit. I'm all about the equality.
Besides, there's always pornography.

But aren't the papercuts a bit of a wet noodle?
I'd rather people stay celibate than not display common courtesy, too.
Your reply kinda went over my head. I could be wrong, but I have the feeling that this is supposed to be making the point that I'm not being very courteous. Would you mind clarifying it for me, please?
Ah, I see. ^_^ And it's all right; no harm done! I read the vague wording (vague to me, at least) and saw your rather stern-looking avatar, and went, "Uh-oh, I did something stupid."

I do agree that it's a petty issue. Those tend to build very slight irritations that keep adding on to each other until you're blisteringly mad at whoever didn't close the screen door when they left, I've noticed. Petty, yeah, but after a while . . . And there are those, of course, such as you and your husband, who just don't care either way.

I see the whole toilet seat issue as being one of (probably imagined) sanitation, and also aesthetics. It may or may not be more sanitary to keep the seat and/or cover down, but it feels like it to me. Plus, it just looks nicer down. More well-kept. And maybe I'm a tad bit anal. ^_^
Masculinity is a social construct. The changes you see is the change in expectations in men.
Thank you, Tedster.
After thinking about this a while, I think it's culture as a whole which is changing drastically with new technologies such as the internet, game consoles, and personal cell phones. Boys are spending their time on these new technologies where in the past they would be learning responsibility from their fathers and be doing a lot more physical labor. Just like how a dog does what it's trained to do, boys aren't trained to be men anymore.
There is also a lack of responsibility and a new age of entitlement. People used to have to literally fend for themselves, now they think the government or big business is supposed to do everything for them. When asked, no one says they're looking for a hand out, but when you spill coffee in your lap and then take a million dollar settlement, and think it's fair...
but when you spill coffee in your lap and then take a million dollar settlement, and think it's fair...

Actually, the coffee was hot enough to cause third-degree burns on six percent of her skin and lesser burns over sixteen percent (from the Wiki article). McDonald's had had over 700 complaints over the prior ten years years about the ridiculously high temperatures they required their coffee to be kept at (180-190 F, when 140 F is fairly standard), and had stated that they refused to change those temperatures.

Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants

She ended up with $640,000 from the trial, and settled for a lesser amount on appeal.
I'd like to call the need to have the feeling to be "manly", prideful/arrogant, and perhaps picks fight for no reason or for no good reason, LPS

(Little Penis Syndrome)




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