In another thread, reference was made to some people's criticism of a position known as "scientism," and the statement was made that scientists aren't believers in scientism and, further, that nobody is.

I'm not so sure. What, exactly, is wrong with scientism?

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I've been in Usenet since around 1989, so I'm familiar with the problem, or opportunity. If a thread doesn't drift it's sterile. I'm not sure to whom the courtesy is addressed.

If you follow a group, then you know what to ignore, or who to ignore. If you've never been, then the thread titles seldom indicate quite the matter being considered.

It's a matter of balance, as I see it. If there were no checks on thread drig then there'd be no need of topics, groups or suchlike, it would all be there, in one thread.

If it's controlled too much, then there's no discussion. the moment something moves from the precise parameters of the original title, it's censored - I say 'love is blind', you reply, 'other things are blind too' - down comes the guillotine - it's love, only love.

Moderation, though not in excess, and manners are, I agree, everything in discussion, not only in disembodied fora.




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