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It's not pr0n ?
Actually, it is. Look in the mirror.
I thought it was a bathrobe.
naked guy! what do i get?
Man has bright red "7" over his crotch?
I thought it was a sock ;-)
It's too bright, the color is too saturated. It appears to have been added to the photo for some reason.

Also note that the flare from the flash in the mirror doesn't seem to affect it.
It happens to be a phenomenon. I've seen this kind of thing on eBay and Cragslist. Voyeurs who want people to see their ugly bits. I guess it turns 'em on. Shrug.
I don't see anything adnormal about this picture... doesn't everyone carry a camera when strolling around the house in their birthday suits???
I know I do, anyway my bits are not ugly :P~~
perhaps thats why they have a well stocked drinks trolley within easy reach so you can get hammered when you go round for dinner and forget the hidious decor and the naked guy.
that's a might red condom in the mirror


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