What's your favourite Atheist vs theist online debate?

Hello all,

Since You tube started up I've found it to be the most amazing source for online debate videos. I wanted to start this discussion because I'd like to know if anyone here (I'm sure most if not all of you) watches debates between atheists and theists and which one happens to be your favourite. The other reason is after watching these debates I've discovered something that's missing when I watch them, but I'm not sure if I'm wrong in my assessment.

First of all my favourite debates are Sam Harris vs. Rabbi Wolpe and Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson. My least favourite was the Islamic one titled "does not God exist?" .

Now on to the disconnect in these debates. Every time I see them I get frustrated by the fact that the atheist does not make an effort in trying to correct the logic of the theist or simply just go for their throat. These debates end up feeling like verbal masturbation to me because there are so many holes in the theist's logic that don't get addressed.

Am I wrong in taking this stance? I mean if I were in one of those debates I would wipe my ass with these theists. I understand the importance and need to be cordial, but the theist's logic is so full of holes you don't even have to be cordial to go for their throats. Why oh why do we let them get off the hook. In my opinion there's nothing more effective than the RESOUNDING voice of reason, which when revealed immediately and naturally with confidence would destroy any hopes of the theist maintaining their train of thought.

Ok that's it, I sort of feel better now :)

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I've actually turned off the comments box on my youtube account because I can't stand youtube comment debates -- which is what I mistakenly thought this thread was about.

On favorite debates I like the little clip of Chris Hitchens at the Christian Book Expo


Hitchens vs FOUR Christians and he steals the show. I love that man.
I love that man too Jack. Hitchens destroyed them. The moderator was a pity, Lane Craig was ANNOYING as usual and stupid. He reminds me of a character in Fight Club that Tyler questions after discovering who he really was. I believe he was a dry-cleaner. Strobel was useless, Wilson was the usual well meaning but dumb as fuck care bear and the last guy was nice but ultimately stupid as well.

Good watch, thanks for the recommendation.
No doubt. It's like watching a lion walk into the sheeps' den.
I was lucky enough to download the Hitchens/Craig debate before it disappeared.

Early in the debate, Craig "proved" that Jesus was resurrected because it was such an ubelievable thing to say that the disciples wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true - but they did say it - so it must be true!

Craig started by shifting the burden of proof, asking Hitchens to provide arguments that god does not exist. He also requested that Hitchens prove that atheism is true (How the hell does that work?)

And that's how it went for the next hour or so. During his closing argument, Craig made the following comments:

"We haven't heard any arguments that god does not exist."

"We've not heard any good arguments to think that atheism is true."

I was dismayed when Hitchens failed to point out that it was unfair of Craig to make such requests.
Craig is an extra-dimensional being...he does not exist in our universe. Its either that or he's a robot programmed by the creationists.
There are thousands of debates on youtube. While the theists are not cooperative on a large scale, there are a few that will reach out and start a dialog. This is my current favorite.

AronRa answers sesstreets questions. (AronRa always has a lot to say! heh.)
Not always a debate but normally when Matt Dillahunty talks he has some great stuff to say.
I would love to see Dillahunty do some formal debates.




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