for 50 years from now? What kind of changes will take place in the world, in america. I'm curious to know what you think the world will look like. I tend to think that there will be a larger division between the haves and have nots, maybe more gated communities, etc. Also, i think solar energy will take off. The technology will be through the roof, so living longer would be possible because of the ability to grow organs, artificial parts, nano computers, and who knows. Oh yeah, what would be the state of religion in the world?

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Idk. And, I think, anyone who professes to has gone out too far on a limb.

On one hand one hears of the eminent coming of cold fusion and the singularity. In which case technology will take off in an almost limitless pace.unfettered by even energy restrictions and eliminate all manner of want.

On the other hand half the world, China and India, are coming on line and may start consuming already limited resources. And so society may soon collapse under the weight of so much demand. Not to mention the fact that we may make the planet unliveinable in the near future.
I think it'll be hotter than hell, and people will be starving everywhere.

I could make a lot of blind predictions, but based on what i have heard i can say this... I think we will get a year round (or close to it) school system in the US. On the religion topic I think that atheism is going to continue growing to a point where certain people (christians) see it as a "threat" to the US almost like Islam is a "threat" to the US now.


I'm only speculating...who really knows whats going to happen...

A local radio host had a topic this morning about a student and his parents changing text in a graduation flyer, and stopping prayer at the ceremony. The radio host said that we (xtians) are being tested, and it's time to rise up. He definitely was trying get xtians all worked up.  He couldn't understand why anyone non-christian would be offended. So yeah, he views us as a threat. amazing.

I think it's going to be hot and wet and dry and crowded and hungry - damn hungry.


Religion?  Still here and stronger than ever.  People will turn to God for answers for why they are so damn hot, wet/dry and hungry.  Guns will also be extremely popular.


On the positive side, perhaps people will begin to accept that climate change is in fact caused by man and is a threat to our existence.  Perhaps.


Well, all we have to work on is current trends. Beyond that, nobody can predict a random event that might disturb the trends.


With that said, current trends indicate that we will be either off fossil fuel all together (and only collectors having a need for it), or in serious economic trouble with very few remaining people having access to adequate fuel, and those who don't, well... lets just say if we're not off fossil fuel in 50 years, we're in serious trouble.


Technology : I'm assuming we will continue to bridge the gap between organic and machine. Eventually coming to the natural conclusion of bio-augmentations being installed for the purposes of competition, work, and just plain pleasurable fun.

(If you take this far enough, eventually we will rely on mental augmentations... PDA's within the mind so to speak. At which point new generations will become so incredibly reliant on mental augmentations that we will have trouble defining exactly what a human is.)


I assume videogames will be more immersive, and somehow (not sure how) will become more real to us than real life itself. (As if it isn't already for some people).


Food situation? : There simply will be no remaining natural foods. Far too expensive.

Finding a natural farmer will be as difficult as finding a classical blacksmith in todays time... everything is mass produced. Nobody actually smiths metal by hand... nobody will actually farm anything by hand either.




there will still be unbearably annoying christians telling us we're all going to hell.

... only this time, they wont have to memorize the bible to spew nonsense at us... they'll have a copy installed in their head.


... and they'll still fail to question a single word of it.

We'll all be dead from an epic nuclear holy war. And jeebus won't be there to save the believers.
I just noticed a trailer to white something from the producers of jackass; ugh yeah; perfect cannon fodder; just like über right wing ilsam's cannon fodder; say what?
I'll be long dead, so I won't care about the human race dedicating itself to trying merely to survive a hellishly hot planet.
either more idiots will tow the line of "we just collect stuff, that's the n.american way.." or they'll be forced to lower their signatures in an ever shrinking (space-wise) world; not to mention the god issue will not be fun for kids anymore..? simple traditions; ethical, sense making ones will prevail while the others will keep eating their own until their own turn on them? dunno if folks have been connecting dots but...

guess you'd have to talk to the world to figure what's gonna be the future of this place called USA

On the condition of the planet, I'm not very optimistic.  As long as there is greed, stupidity, and dogmatic belief, "green" changes will continue to evolve too slowly.  Remember, all things we consider "man made" are composed of components that came from the earth.  The earth can re-sorb those components, however we are producing and discarding them at a much faster rate than they can decompose and return to the raw state.

   I am pleased to see the growth of Ateism, although it too is happening too slowly.  I think 50 years is not enough time to expect a significant deterioration of religion.  A good example; I work in an engineering department.  All toll there are a couple hundred engineers and scientists in that department.  One would think that there would be a considerable percentage of Atheists there.  The fact is, there are no more than ten of us!  There are even a few fundies, and bible thumpers.

   Remember, the next generation is our future.  Teach your children well, and stress reality.  How many fundamental morons have you met that begin their rediculous rantings with "my daddy said"?  My reply is "well he was a moron too Jethro".

If we credit a Stanford study , Climate Scientists Forecast Permanently Hotter Summers, 50 years from now Summer will mean suffering.

"According to our projections, large areas of the globe are likely to warm up so quickly that, by the middle of this century, even the coolest summers will be hotter than the hottest summers of the past 50 years," said the study's lead author, Noah Diffenbaugh, an assistant professor of environmental Earth system science and fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford. [emphasis mine]




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